Assault on parent-Ijuin light birth of Zeebra wrapper “in the two-disease” “I only encourage Kusomi to E cultural”

Exchange of has become a hot topic on the Internet bulletin board in Zeebra and comedian-Ijuin light of Twitter of the wrapper, which has been leading the hip-hop of Japan.

Both of tweet, triggered by the tweets to criticize by name Ijuin light Zeebra is the parent birth of the word is a slang “in the two-disease”.

Or “the but at this late hour knew, words Ijuin light I in the two-disease made.Extra and it was Ya wants.The only encourage what to “hit the Dell pile” not accustomed to serious even Kusomi to E such culture.Insularism bare.”

That this direct two people use the direct message function of Ijuin light himself noticed Twitter to remark to Zeebra was exchanged words.

Then two of the exchange can not be viewed directly but Zeebra concluded in this way

“I’ve Ijuin’s mutually person himself and DM, program at the time seems was not intended to ridicule the two acts in such a totally in reverse.Either will do happens from where? You come various opinions from earlier, but none with varying definitions ….”

I wonder first of momentum to where, for fairly rounded turmoil that have converged as if it were in Ijuin, “or negative Jibura?” In the net bulletin board “is better that he apologized I was ignorant,” such as, accused the Zeebra opinion that had the majority.Users who had expected both Gachinko Battle of the around the word “in the two-disease”‘m looking you clutter the dodge.

Was not bad, “the original meaning had spread and completely changed it but it was made the word’s Ijuin” “Ijuin Using Other.But it’s not much I human to literate to understand the subtle humor of this kind of.After all bad money will drive out good money “, etc., Internet users were received many voices lament that had spread the word while misuse.

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