CM & drama actress Quarterly 2012 (1) I seen the same rank as “Yazawa”! ?

 In the TV magazine is expanded interim evaluation planning New Year drama, aspect also is becoming clear of “winning or losing” by viewing rate.Actresses are engaged in a fierce battle top, but will enhance their own commercial value, if any, state-of-the-art evaluation soaring, and there is a person to downfall.We will publish the latest “up and down” data.
Hari the protagonist Hitomi Kuroki (51) to “a few years ago, was Amami Yuki (44) one of the also top actress.In Shinohara Ryoko (38) it is also marriage and childbirth was leap, will come less from now on appearance number.Meanwhile, I and would be Yuko Takeuchi (31) of missing one head. ”

 Speak do this, Mr. TV drama expert, Kosaki Yasunari.Also TV magazine editor,

Including “drama performance fee, Takeuchi’s is top class as an actress is no doubt.I think that it is good to say that came already in the category of the great actress. ”

I make a boost with.Certainly evaluation of starring role currently being broadcast “Strawberry Night” (Fuji TV) is high, and also viewing rate ensure a passing score.

Her image as an actress, in one of the factors that increase the commercial value, there is a CM.Speak advertising agency staff.

“For example, it is CM of Suntory The Premium Malts.With that you have played with that Yazawa Eikichi, seen in about Yazawa and apposition.Despite the absence of ferocious hit on her starring drama, it is.Well, I would be value-added. ”

If such her also that there is a “blind spot”,

“Can not say that until that former W become absolute existence, such as Asano.If you look at the past of the carriers, and co-starred Johnny’s talent and walk through, male actors have emerged as the partner role of the protagonist of the drama.Such (Johnny) of fan base, in the perspective of obtaining sympathy from the same sex, I will have isnt sensitive “(full Kawasaki Mr.)

And rip it appears slightly to the Queen.Aim the retainer supplanting his lord, to keep up there, it is of a state-of-the-art actress of the next generation.Says sports newspaper broadcasting responsible reporter.

“What is in the spike is, Ueto Aya (26), Yonekura Ryoko (36) Oscar promotion of new top three that has produced, Emi Takei (18), Kutsuna (Kutsuna) Shiosato (19), Herculean strength (Herculean strength) Saime (19) is.Office is now, there is also that the sale they a by fiercely push, such as Takei number of companies that the CM contract became 18 companies ”

All three, the agency sponsored born “All Japan national Pretty Contest”.What is called integral they.The commentary before de TV magazine editor.

Since the “First Takei is also a fashion model, it is outstandingly good looks.I feel that you are increasing the work to remain in momentum.Kutsuna you break in the CM of Pocky, it appeared in last year hit drama of autumn “housekeeper Mita” (NTV), evaluation of acting ability was high.From cheerful character, there shifting the image to the full-scale actress.That bilingual returnees, also good to have an international flavor. ”

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