[Enta is ♪ vitamin] “navel around, 81.5 centimeter”! Matsushima Naomi, receive guidance of Kashiki trainer towards returned to work.

Birth to a first child become boys last December, and now comedian-Matsushima Naomi in parental leave (Othello).Not back to even before pregnancy figure in still birth to two months from, but it’s so began training toward the April work return.

It is “around the navel, 81.5 centimeter” of the current Matsushima size.And it revealed was in the “Matsushima Naomi official blog” dated February 20, but it is not visible to the very such size from the photo she is listed as say.

Originally Matsushima that the’m muscular.For fear that the muscle is too attached, it seems never had the kind of training until now.However, since this time there is no time to work return, it seems to have become to be trained in the car Vee dance under the familiar Kashiki Hiromi trainer with the introduction of models Rica friends.

That According to the blog Matsushima to receive the first time the training, I was asked to check the use of muscle in Kashiki trainer by first moving the body.Lessons while asked to tell you how to use the muscle copper is wrong, it seems to have felt the effects of the training from the first time as “was interesting -“.Care of the baby becomes poor work many posture is carried out in the slouch, but the whole body of Matsushima became better spine also pin and stretch posture lessons of this day can be confirmed.

Blog of Matsushima, in addition to the life of the baby, may now also be introduced state of postpartum training.She no matter what, I want to take care of life with precious family.And, fans are looking forward to the return of the work is waiting in the earlier.Kits around and fans of Matsushima, would us have watched warm.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Ya)