Mihoko Yamada “I know Tanaka everyone Actually, tampered with Nanbo”

Beat Takeshi, Yoshiko Sakurai, Morinaga Takuro, Katsuya Makoto彦, Yoshida Australia, such as Mihoko Yamada, unique polemic originates the “opinion” of the newly written each issue “e-mail magazine NEWS Post Seven”.In the third issue of the issued February 17, to analyze the familiar TBS · Tanaka Minami hole with Yamada Mihoko Mr. “flirts” character of broadcasting writer.It seems it’s Tanaka Minami Ana which is said to be part in the “Women’s Ana hates women”, but views of Mr. Yamada was not the case.

* * *

In “Sunday Japon” Ask remembering corner called “information live Minami-ya”, Tanaka Minami Ana coming out to Fujimori Shingo from the strong and the location of Ayako Nishikawa teachers and Oriental radio.Middle Kokkuri the nod habit of talking, either did not Could fix in training, what are we doing on purpose ….It would be probably the latter.Moreover, when Tanaka Minami Ana nodded, called “Pape”, playfully was SE (sound effect) is attached.

In the “Super Karakuri TV of saury”, also Shizu-chan and many times of Nankai Candies that does not allow flirts Tanaka Minami Ana many times confrontation.Or forced to a harsh game that stretched its most common body in variety, even if planted the Shot, Tanaka Minami Ana persevere without unpleasant face I I’m really thought Elias.

In the past to TBS, Shindo Akiko holes and who left the company to say you do not want to do the late-night program wearing Nante pajamas, already but free to step down the program on the grounds that “different is that you want to do the needs and their own from the production side.” there are Kojima Keiko “senior”.

But Tanaka Minami Ana would’re sweeping trained in the field of variety.Must not have felt like that properly found that he is a “tampered with Nanbo”.

※ The full article I read in the No. 3 “e-mail magazine NEWS Post Seven” of the current in the delivery.

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