Todai OB “mathematics is not required in life, enough arithmetic” is directly connected to the NG work ability

In Western society, the elite and the top is referred to as a science (science undergraduate) is large, in recent years, that science in Japan has become more.That said, these days, which is said to be such as “student of science away”, there is a “Mathematics” in big turning point when selecting the science and the humanities.In fact, liberal arts selector that “there is no math required for life! Sufficient arithmetic level!” A lot.

Yohei Mr. human resources consultant Tsunemi to recite the theory that “In the end important is the estate steward” is, “in junior high school and high school students age, who honed the mathematical sense of a strong also work” to analyze and.Polish and is a math sense of, not only say that problem is solved, but thing that polish and how to to solve the elegant smarter, How can you hone the sense if?

The direction to pursue a solution that sense, people in the know in the reference book “quest of the solution” (Tokyo Press), there is such as “elegant entrance examination problem solving Collection” (modern mathematics, Inc., Ishitani Shigeru Author).There are also voices that too advanced, I is a reference book that continue to be loved mathematically Favorite.

Such circumstances, it’s in offered a correspondence course “Shinkenzemi Todai Special Lecture √T” that focused target also Benesse Corporation Tokyo University wannabe.In the same course, from the University of Tokyo entrance examination on the day of February 26th 20:30, the day the only of the University of Tokyo math problem was done “beautifully” to perform a commentary video lecture to solve.

The larger the process up to get to the answer is accustomed to complicated, induce a careless mistake.Furthermore, it will be exhaustion in the middle, and ends while unable to resolve the problem (“untidy solution”) -.If, is not that the process that was come to simple.In clean and organize the way, but “beautiful solution” is to get to the answer.

For Todai pass at the company as an active force for the “beautiful solution” is to, as “beautiful solution” and “untidy solution”, to prepare the posters were compared side-by-side or where is the difference between the two solutions.In “it is understood appreciated by people” content, and began sticking to the nearest station of the challenges high school to be ranked consistently high in the Tokyo University Goukakushasu rankings, to stimulate the students of the challenges high school.

Supra posters have been posted on the nearest station, the University of Tokyo graduate born in private Azabu High School, “beautiful” for the solution “(initially) often is a concept that does not notice quite” talks about the experience of.And, “Do come to mind is this kind of idea why? By considering, and that the shortest distance possible to train the intuition and logical thinking that reach the answer “.

“(Mathematics and directly unrelated to) when only brute force was bumped into a problem that can not be solved, then the imagination and logical thinking that it was forged that can be applied, there may be” (supra, Azabu High School graduate person)