It is not calm “this year that the goal is not goodbye” Ronbu Atsushi lover rumors

Entertainment coverage history more than 30 years, taboo knowing of veteran journalists, dig a deep work of a man and a woman lying on the back side of the entertainment industry.

Atsushi of London Boots No. 1 No. 2 Tamura, a popular model, which is a partner who spent this year in the New Year in Hawaii Yano MiNoriko.Atsushi is that it was said, “that no farewell to this year’s goal” in the production announcement of a new program that was made after the return home, but have hinted the first time in “serious relationship” with Yano, come true really hope Atsushi is whether.The author becomes anxiety a little recently, from officials close the modeling industry, “Yano is a child, such as eat a” total Scandic “from the model companion.Jun does not last long and.Two men without constantly quarrel, but I because was obtained already Atsushi We have heard rumors that began to put the distance “the information that.

To Namie Amuro and the catastrophe was Atsushi, a new lover that Yano was discovered last year in August.Then, although the remarks acknowledge the ardent love of Jun in some events as a “lover has” Yano and, either model is the author of Yano is’ there is a really popular one, “” hottest entertainer of partners that child like Tsutomaru “it is a question such as had dogged.Such folding, the deal with “Why Jun woman like a Yano from the acquaintance of the model?  Incredible.Drunk is to bad, bad man habit.I have heard that unpleasant Woman “.Initially, I was wondering also whether jealousy sincerely came out saying the same trade.However, then, from the officials of the preceding model industry, and he Yano knew that the hated from many models companion.This is not calm.

According to the officials, Yano to sudden change and liquor enters, and that is without regard opponent as “Anta I …” start the dissed.It also, because the origin of Yano Osaka he abusive in tough Kansai dialect, opponent of pride he seems hurt to shreds.Yano is likely there is a feel of Shuran.That further but man relationship, the Yano had a boyfriend photographer before you sell.Although the boyfriend has been cooperation on sale of Yano, Yano’s so went transfer the man one after another.Is a former member of TVXQ, was also that it is now JJ and rumors of the current · JYJ.It seems significant aggressively to men.

Glitz of the opposite sex friendship, there are close to Atsushi.Although probably mind fit in such a plane, man habit aside, If you get bad drunk, and probably collide in friendly Atsushi to how much women.That’s why, come out rumors that fight is not extinct.Atsushi also because much listed the goal is “that no farewell”, might already holding a sense of crisis.Or catastrophe is not a matter of time.
(Statement = Kei Honda)

(※ Image: from “Quick Japan 97” / Ohta Publishing)

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