[Iwanami Shoten] double standard of “internal documents” is Aburidasu employee recruitment

Article on “connector adoption” of Iwanami Shoten has been published in the Mainichi Shimbun.Of February 2012 dated 21 evening edition “Special Features Wide” It’s article “in Iwanami Shoten, application guidelines of ripples author” Cooperation “request, was present” internal documents “”.It is not appeared in the text, but the author was interviewed of Uramatsu Joji reporter who wrote the same article.And we had you show an “internal document”.

“Cunning!”.Read the document, it was thought so.What Ino cheating.First, get an excerpt of “internal documents” and is allowed to quote from the same article.


A4 and is printed in horizontal to the paper, the date last year December 21, the caller’s Director of General Affairs Department.

And if as has been written here, out of the thousands scale of authors have published a book from the company, students who are in the periphery of the part of the author has promised there is “everyday relations”, “cooperation during the employee recruitment” Do but not to the fact that suddenly advantageous.In general the students, not way of knowing a special author was asked to “introduction” to Iwanami, it could end the long-awaited effort also futility of order to get a letter of introduction.

The last time, at the stage that I wrote the article, that it is necessary to introduce by the author or employees Qualifications to be “published” was questioned.Hundred step is giving up, and trying to such a also introduced’s Ali.Of course, students can or take the author and contact making the book from Iwanami Shoten, will or got a letter of introduction.However, in the interior of Iwanami, to narrow down sieved the author to the “part of the author”, in which the basis of the applicants whether introduction of its author (Iwanami side, but has denied it in the article).”Internal documents” is either not content without even being read so how.

In addition, the “Who is to say that the same Iwanami of the author, in what referral, not supposed to have no effect on the adoption of a place called.In fact, as it is to not a few seminar graduates of famous authors to employees “, and Mr. Iwanami employees remarks, such as supporting the contents of the” internal document “.So, what happens to students who brought the name without the author of the letter of introduction to the “request list” is.

General Manager of Iwanami is in the same article, “if it is even (letter of introduction) attached to the application document, whether it is those of anyone, not the stomach to reflect the selection process after all is the fact that” I have said.That said, Well to make a such as “request list”, “request form and application guidelines” or not than there is no sense to be sent from the General Affairs Department.

Male students that appeared in the same article, on reading the “internal document”, are amazed to the “double standard” of Iwanami.The author, although I think is ridiculous itself that announced the employee application guidelines that could be perceived as “kneading adoption”, criteria such as not announced in addition is already an open than that was in the house not mouth is clogged.

As it were to Iwanami, it seems that it was not expecting such to become each such major.Did thinking of Abiyo public attention over the little employee recruitment has changed.Or, for that many have come to apply for adoption frame of the small number of people, it might be of the correspondence of the end of trouble in the Gachi.But, if this employment ice age and only students who have been purposely limited to the time that is to happen to “publish” the essential point such that there is application of qualification called, or would was not be expected that the voice of criticism is raised.It is really stupid.

Regardless what to, there is little such as those or a fair or an equality.Such a thing has also noticed students.On the other hand, even in such a tough situation, it is also important to have a dream and hope for work that students responsible for tomorrow to work now.To say, after reading the Iwanami employee application guidelines, the majority of students feel like there is no feel to have such a dream and hope is to.By this point, it is formal, and the thing to recruit employees in a fair manner equality is significant author think.

Iwanami, whether in any way, than is we should have quietly to the employees recruited in silence.

(Shigeru Tanigawa)