Broadening in the lower 80 yen cracking of the dollar-yen, the Nikkei average 41 yen depreciation

Nikkei Stock Average of 15 minutes now 10 o’clock, remained at (-41.91 yen the previous day) ¥ 9,401.04.Bernanke
U.S. stock market of seven days, down from the FRB Chairman did not suggest further quantitative easing, de
Appreciation of the yen transition of Le yen is continuing is also weigh, the Nikkei started at 14 yen depreciation.
After that, the size of the futures and the ETF purchase expectations the Bank of Japan has been conscious as factors underpinning
Scene that receives mouth buying, returns a value to positive territory was also observed.However, 80 yen cracking dollar yen
And appreciation of the yen has been (79 yen 86 sen temporary) progress, large-scale selling of 100-700 pieces of units in sectional futures up
From that it has entered the connection, the deployment to expand the width Nikkei Average lost.

In the sector, shipping, pulp and paper, bank, fiber, oil and coal, and mining rises
On the other hand, other products, electricity and gas, insurance, non-ferrous, iron and steel, and real estate declines.Rate rise
The upper level, JBR, sonnet, SANIX, Kitazawasangyo, Kure
Disezon and is ranked in.The higher rate drops, I’rom HD, Tokyo
Power, day Tokuken, Nintendo, and MRO is ranked.