Towards the “skinny girls are” higher income than the “girls who are overweight”

Annual income is higher than girls who are overweight has been found that women are skinny.Although it is not true for all girls, but more women are thin on average that’s a lot of income.

This information, which is revealed by foreign media coverage “Time” (time).The news has become a hot topic on the Internet, I call the discussion.The media is was announced that cited an article in “Journal of Applied Psychology”, than women’s weight is heavy, light and girls are getting more income.

It has earn more $ 22,000 higher (1.76 million yen) than women of normal weight, the women of the on the small side, women overweight, was found to have suffered further economic loss.In addition, in this study, women that have been classified as “obese” and “super obesity”, that compared to women of normal weight, you lose $ 9,000 each (¥ 720,000), $ 19,000 a (1.52 million yen) But I was found.

In the case of men, it seems to have no change in annual income by weight.The results of this study, it is …… I wonder would also true in Japan really.Income and may increase diet! And to think that it would be unwise or?

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