Toyota expected to be 280 billion yen down 31 percent this fiscal year net income, expected to be 7.24 million units sold

[June 10, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo (east, large, name, tag, Fuku: 7203) Toyota Motor Corporation the 3rd, full-year consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 so far has been undecided, net income announced that it is expected to be 280 billion yen of 31% year-on-year decrease.This is a situation which need to be taken to risks, such as continued high unemployment rate in the United States and Europe and a rise in crude oil prices in the world economy, the time being from the damage of the Great East Japan Earthquake is a serious and wide-area, you have a profound effect on expected weak movement will continue.Scheduled to consolidated sales for the full year is 7.24 million units.

18 trillion yen, up 2 percent down, revenues expected to be 300 billion yen of the 36% decrease operating income.82 yen per U.S. dollar and as a premise is € 1 115 yen.[Ryo]

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