Mr. Ohmae and not to fall price of properties built in ’50 is trading higher in Europe and the United States

Case (final value, residual value) approaches to the negative terminal value of the apartment has been one after another..However describes properties of “Built in ’50” is traded at a high price in Europe and the United States, Mr. Kenichi Ohmae of management consultant, points out the differences between Japan.

In the case of Europe and the United States, located in the premise is the idea of ​​”assets” eternal apartment, apartment was erected 50 years ago has been buying and selling at a higher price still Paris, London, and New York is.It is not necessarily more of new apartment is high even in the same region.For example, most of it built more than 50 years of area apartment facing Central Park in Manhattan, but there is no sign of fall from 200 million-500 million yen 1 units.

It’s obvious why “assets” eternal, apartment Western is to large renovated room.Appearance has become shiny very modern in the room, even old.

In Japan, the renovation to the room of the apartment there about over the money I have never seen.It is to the extent that re-cover the floor and wallpaper.The reason is simple.Apartment from Japan must be rebuilt After 50 years, is not yet the curious to renovation over a lot of money in the listings after 30 ~ 40 years all the way.

※ 17 Jun. 2011 Shukan Post

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