Power companies that they are necessary corresponding general meeting stringent “primary withdrawal” proposal after another shareholder

Part of the shareholders, such as Kansai Electric Power Co. and Tokyo Electric Power Company is seeking from nuclear power to “withdraw”.June 28, 2011, TEPCO to hold a general shareholders’ meeting on the 29th Kansai Electric Power, but was included as a shareholder proposal to bill in there.

The Board of Directors of the power companies has announced its intention of opposition to these proposals, but need to circulates the power of business after the nuclear accident, it is prepared for severe pursuit of shareholders is likely to have at the shareholders’ meeting.

According to “become a negative legacy of the children of the future” to the notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to TEPCO, it is proposed that the shareholders of 402 people added to the articles of incorporation to withdraw from nuclear power.This application claims the “should withdraw immediately from the nuclear power plant to leave a negative legacy to the children of the future, impose a burden on the local”, and stop and decommissioning in the order of (1) from the old nuclear power plant in the Articles of Incorporation (2) primary was raised so as to incorporate the two points – that does not perform the new construction and expansion of.


On the other hand, Kansai Electric Power submit a proposal to shareholders of 124 people to seek “primary withdrawal”.In response to what has been the release of substances in the line of fire TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, “to stop the nuclear power plant that can not be treatment of radioactivity,” as called for amendments to the articles of incorporation.was proposed to fit and that withdrawal to not be paid the executive compensation, and freezing of plutonium-thermal project.

36 people shareholder of another are also asked to mind the decommissioning of aging reactors more than 30 years of construction, to incorporate a “declaration of conversion to natural energy” in the Kansai Electric Power.


However, the Board of Directors of the Kansai Electric Power, expressed opposition to the proposal of these.”We are building the best power configuration with a focus on nuclear power, with the aim of a sustainable low-carbon society in the future” By, is seeking an understanding to shareholders.

Chubu Electric Power also have to stop the operation of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant to seek a shift to “business that sells power generation equipment”, the shareholders of Chubu Electric Power proposed decommissioning of Hamaokagenpatsu shareholders of 93 people.At the same time, as well as seek and “development of roadmap for the nuclear phase”, to withdraw from the all-electric policy, we have proposed “from business to sell to make electricity, conversion to business to sell by creating a power plant” the.It has been asked to decommissioning nuclear power plant order from 70 people shareholder outdated also Kyushu Electric Power, it is not even made a new nuclear power plant, the Board of Directors has expressed its opposition both.

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