Vagus of trade policy postponement TPP “excuse” is the earthquake and agricultural issues

decision whether or not to participate in the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement that Prime Minister Naoto Kan ‘s enthusiastic to be a “foundation of a country of the Heisei” is postponed.I’m making progress while the Japanese are busy in restoration and reconstruction of the earthquake, trade negotiations around the world steadily.Prime Minister resignation, large coalition whispered, amid uncertainty of the political situation increases, trade policy in Japan is approaching a major crossroads.

I do not know, “Prime Minister Naoto Kan resignation is a rich, who will attend the Japan-US summit meeting of September.Scenario for the participation of assertion (TPP) Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement went mad because of this meeting ─ ─ ”

Foreign Ministry officials there is concerned that axis foot of trade policy can not be determined by the occurrence of political vacuum.

But, even under Prime Minister Naoto Kan, it was a political decision, while delay.Initially, the government had plans to establish by the end of June whether to join the TPP that US-led but, May 17, review the priorities of economic policy based on the Great East Japan Earthquake “policy promotion guidelines” is approved by the Cabinet was.To do this, you consideration feelings of farmers, fishermen, to concerns about the hollowing out of industry, it was only to be described as “consider the overall judgment about time”.At this point, the conclusion he was postponed.

On the other hand, trade liberalization negotiations of two advanced.In Japan, China and South Korea summit meeting, which was held in Tokyo on May 22, it was decided to hasten the industry-government-academia joint research is the earthmoving work towards Japan, China and South Korea free trade agreement (FTA), and ends by the end of the year.

In addition, May 28, Prime Minister Naoto Kan agreed to in Brussels, Belgium, is performed Summit fan Rompuy European Union (EU) president, and Barroso European Commission length, enters the preliminary negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

Trade policy of huge economic zone of three in the United States, Europe, and China have reached a turning point at the same time.Here, FTA, EPA, for TPP, let me recap.

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