Japanese retail investors

Although would be felt even at the venue of charity seminar yesterday,
Individual Japanese investors cup too low when the market is weak.
This is the same thing institutional investors be limited to individual.
However, since I’m doing get paid in the case of institutional investors,
You become depressed when performance is not likely to rise can not be helped.

However, regardless of the salary in the case of individual.
A problem of their property whether increase, does not matter and evaluation of others.
Rather, spirit and your chance is supposed must rise about when bad market environment.
Stock prices of companies that have established that this is the aim is because of low profusely,
There is no reason you do not want to call out to buy to say thank you.

It is, that’s out of sorts at all it would do that mean hell?
Though it is low long-awaited, Why would not buy?

For one thing, not to buy in a hurry because it may lower still,
It may be that with the investment strategy of carefully’ll wait.
Why would do I do this in love with it, but the face anxious does not suit.
And though may be a little more eerie Futebuteshiku face.

Or, Xianfeng also investors may be bought, but will not know what you may buy.
While it is typical example of Japanese stock market investors chasing type market is large,
I can not I buy an individual stock quickly at the discretion of their intention.
It bought me someone to lead,
Habit that you want to Tobinoro strains signs likely rise has increased is, they’ve crowded stain to the bone.

Such investors is large, in the market environment such as now,
It means that deployment of mingled desire to tell followed by a slurping and what a feeling of anxiety may I buy.

We’re long-term investors, there is no time keeping company with our people and of such indecision.
In between cheap, let us buy many even one share.