I METI, Shame! Has created a high electricity prices – the world do you not YOU?

From Yomiuri Shimbun dated 13.Estimated to be 1,000 yen up electricity bill … home if all primary stop

Estimate is based on the premise that you do not take into account the fuel cost adjustment system to lower the electricity rates in response to changes in the exchange and unit price of fuel, power company does not carry out drastic revision of the fee.It is also possible that the world supply and demand of fuel shortage if or (tight), electricity prices to rise further.
On the basis, such as the import price of LNG in April of this year, fuel procurement costs of thermal power of 12 fiscal year that increased by 3 trillion 473 billion yen from FY2010.If you passed on to electricity prices, resulting in price increases 3.7 yen per kilo watt-hours per.
(06 minutes Yomiuri Shimbun 22:00 June 13, 2011)

Original report is here.The power supply and demand analysis of fiscal 2012 related to the presence or absence of re-operation of nuclear power
.The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan officer roster
It is a thing if there is Renhou’s guts, the business still sorting if, punishment that hit unless I give it to rest in peace what Thankfully foundation like this.

I METI, and with them write lantern (lantern) report to the golden parachute Foundation at this timing, Shame.
It is a thing waste of electricity, waste of resources, existence of the foundation that such waste of tax.
You should immediately terminate the randomness that can not be private mechanism of pricing power company TEPCO beginning that holds simply because there is no regional monopoly of rival First “FDC method”.

Because there is a “comprehensive cost method”, cost consciousness is always a zero profit because exits back cost it takes, these are not being reflected in electricity prices high all.
A very interesting article appeared in (24 Jun.) weekly post this week’s issue.The 30% reduction in electricity charges contracted with another skilled in the Tachikawa velodrome de-TEPCO

Remarks Tanaka Jun也-manager of the city’s administrative management department in the article.I am going knew that it cheaper “estimate stage, but when the first bill arrives, it is enough to could not believe his eyes as” what makes so cheap “.In comparison with May, the amount of the 2009 is 4.8 million yen at about 160 000 kWh.It has increased 200,000 kWh 10 years, but was 3.8 million yen ”
This year, it conducted a competitive bidding of “power supply” in the public facilities of 53 places such as libraries and elementary and junior high schools in the city of Tachikawa.Then PPS was successful bid amount of money about 20% cheaper than TEPCO facilities of all.It is surprising because it says “If you include the velodrome, the electricity bill of the year the city is expected to be about 50 million yen, down year” and (same as above).
 More specific scale electricity operators (PPS) is is cheap also 30 percent power rate than the power company.
.Start a business, starting with power retail business start of Kansai Electric Power tube from July 1, 2001, we have reached the present to start the retail business at Chubu Electric Power tract from October 1 of the same year the Summit Energy.
In addition to retail in the area of ​​60Hz, and to build a power plant more than one as a new power source, and also started business in eastern Japan is 50Hz area from 2004.
It plays an important role as a power plant to make electricity competitive to be able to overcome the competition and the power company in liberalization field that seems future increasingly become strict power plants of these three.

It’s not only this but http://www.summit-energy.co.jp/jiyuuka/yasasiidengen.html Summit Energy, PPS many PPS business lower the selling price in the corporate efforts while adopted as a management strategy for green energy such as biomass I has developed a tough competition with each other’s.
Lord of business “FDC method”, and would do it blown away if exposed to market principles is no unreasonable.
Electricity rate drops to ensure that if the power Susumere liberalization more.

Reason for Control of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Agency’s why you do not know the reason at all that “the point of view of consumer protection,” but that it is to protect the regional monopoly in households with a sweet most power companies are obvious.
A result, the random “FDC method” is also of are protected by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

I announced the lantern estimated electricity charges becomes high ¥ 1,000 per month further ministry affiliated organization is if all primary stop.
It is a threat to the public electricity prices is the highest in the world and I go up again if this goes on.

I METI, Shame.
Has created the electricity rate is the highest in the world do you not YOU?