Sony and Toshiba to integrate the LCD business of growth areas -.In terms of the PPM theory, speculation of the two companies …

7 days away June, media companies were reported Toshiba and Sony is to integrate small and medium-sized liquid crystal panel business.

A small LCD panel, and an LCD that is used on the screen of the tablet devices of Apple, such as smart phones and “iPad” in that it was the subject of business integration.There is a feature that can be operated by touching the screen with your finger, and smooth operation feeling of the touch panel, characteristic quality, such as low power consumption is required, it is a product that requires increased functionality than large panels to be used by, for example, a liquid crystal TV.

Market of small and medium-sized liquid crystal 1 trillion 783 billion yen in 2010.Market growth of 25% is expected, before any growth is the field of double-digit growth is presumed a few years from now this year.Madashimo if decline field is what Sony and Toshiba is looking good also go to do alone if such a growth area, but why go ahead in business integration, such questions also have springs.

This time, use the analysis tool product portfolio management of (PPM), why Toshiba and Sony is whether to go ahead business integration, we will unravel the competitive strategy of the future and the background.

First, let’s look at the current market share of small and medium-sized liquid crystal panel.

The small and medium-sized LCD market, manufacturers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan accounted for share of the top, Sharp of Japan, 2-position has become of Taiwan Chi Mei Optoelectronics Samsung Electronics of South Korea, the 3-position is 1 share in.Sony and Toshiba is located in 7 positions 4 and each.When summing the share of Sony and Toshiba, you will be next to 15.3%, go to the front suddenly Unplug the 14.8% of Sharp.For electronics manufacturers in the field of Japan losing ground in many cases to Taiwan manufacturers and Korean manufacturers, it is the product areas of superiority technical and few share basis.

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