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Hashimoto and that had come took place in New York the other day, International Contemporary Furniture Fair to “ICFF”.I think In this study, it is not possible to see quite usually, you want take up the state of events overseas.

Trade fair has been held in New York in May every year “ICFF”.(298 companies from the United States, and 252 companies from outside the country) 550 companies in 39 countries so was, seems to be a big city New York one of the world’s largest exhibitors in 2011 seem to have a fair international.
In addition, during the exhibition of the ICFF, party events and so was jostling around of New York (That is like Tokyo Designer’s Week).I think in this series, and you want to pay attention to there.

In the first part, I introduce the state of New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the main venue first.I will continue to pick up Mr. Hashimoto is noted, a brand that is not debut in Japan yet.Because it is a unique line-up, please see carefully!

It is said that going to specializes in manufacturing and textile design “Elastic Co.”.
To off-the-shelf and interior miscellaneous goods and custom-made sofa from the curtain of large size, or if you’re dealing with various products.

Elodie Blanchard’s designer, from Grenoble, France.He started and design of clothes since I was a teenager, and fashion show also held.And in at the age of 23, it is commended as an excellent young designers fan application International Festival in Provence Hyeres in (International Fashion Arts Festival of Hyeres), line up at that time I seem to have been sold in the famous shop of France.

Such she moved the place of activity in the United States from France, was launched in 2005 and then the brand of this “Elastic Co.”.There is a studio in Brooklyn, New York, All products are handmade in the studio of this place.

Even after you launch the “Elastic Co.”, Won the various awards.It is a brand of elite designer has attracted attention from many media in the United States.

Hashimoto and that love the fabric.It is like the “felt” is also used by this brand in particular, like further “gray” is the color that has been widely used for overlap, and so he had to stay longer surprises about this booth.

This is what “magnet” what surprised the gimmick to be up and down (top left of the photo above) also curtain design, layout and a little “emblem. It is a brand which I really like personally.I think if you were their buyer if, and had been buying kit ”
Hashimoto, who says.The height of the design, of course, I will be attracted to the idea that has been sprinkled with!

Elastic Co. Http://

Lag using the denim cloth, table the U.S. dollar bill is jammed. Those of a unique design many visually, furniture products brand “BRC Designs” will strongly attracts people to the eyes for the first time.But its appeal is not only a novel design.

And so he continues to challenge that you do not have to worry common sense in “BRC Designs”, a combination of simple furniture and a variety of materials.Original designer, of Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, who create new products in a flexible idea, handmade by craftsmen with high technology, products of this brand are made.I can watch the height of quality.

Than can be introduced only this page, a lot of products I have been line-up, but none of being used just like material surprised glance.At the same I would a combination of furniture!?It is the impression that is, policies that do not care about the stereotypes such, it may be that creating “BRC Designs” a quality.

BRC Designs

Hashimoto, who has seen the actual booth says: About this Brand.
It is a “non-routine, and I did not get tired looking at the designs and ideas that very eye-catching.It would be like a “modern art” though, that every single, it would be great fun to Nantes, if you can be incorporated into part of the life of these.This product when it becomes to penetrate the general Japanese house normally, interior of Japan too will change a lot ”

Says “(re-inventor) RE-INVENTOR” “RE-THINK, RE-PURPOSE, RE-INVENT” itself, Caldwell’s.Next? Born the products obtained by multiplying any idea.It is a brand to be excited about.

When you visit the booth in person Beiina Nissen’s designer that with us to the explanation for everything “BETTINA NISSEN DESIGN”.Dealing Interior and furniture, lighting, jewelry, etc., it is the brand of product design.

In design school of Copenhagen and University of Germany, designer Nissen’s German-born, such as he learned the interior / furniture design.We are working based on the UK currently, expanding the range of activities Milan and New York, and Berlin also, I seem to play an active part.

Color …. motifs and feminine, line-up likely to attract attention in Japan.
And candle holder called “Make A Wish”, are you introduced in photos from among them, it is a table called “EKG”.Seems to have been designed coaster benches, such as bowl, a wide range of products besides.

It was a small booth “, but only very charming products.I’m become smile, and will pick up unintentionally.Her booth was filled to the brim with people ”
And, Hashimoto says the state of the venue.Indeed, the atmosphere is handed down from photo.
It is a brand I want to debut in Japan early.


Hashimoto end-to-end venues, walking on foot even if shoe sore … Anyway, that jaded.Scale is small seems Compared to Milan Salone you’ve visited in the past, but you still want to see in a lot, it seems to have had enough you do not see all you do not Ika squeeze point.The reason for this introduction, three brands carefully selected from among the booth of the lot, because there is a booth that Hashimoto had done have taken a photograph in the other, for those of the right-hand pane in the “Photo Gallery” You would like to introduce.

Now in the second half since the events will have been performed in accordance with the session of the ICFF in various ways even outside of the main venue, plans to introduce the there.
Since such long some people “discovery of more peripheral event interesting! Certain” that, the state is also not miss it!


Dates: the 17th (Sat) – May 14, 2011 (Tuesday)
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