CM insurance American home of “yet to come” (Chii Takeo appearance) is fraudulent

There is a commodity American home insurance company sells the “yet to come”.This TV CM is fraudulent.It is the CM of “insurance company Korezo”.

Link to TV CM has been affixed to HP of insurance company.The CM is terrible.

I do not have a blatant lie indeed, but they are the impression management cleverly.This is a sample of “law to lie to not lie” to stunning.

I’m certain insurance 1. Called “yet to come”, popular.

I put up to 80 years from two. Less than 50 years old.I’m surprised.

Can you guarantee also the cost of 3. Funeral.Probably unique.

Treatment costs of 4. Injury in security …

5. Premiums monthly is 2800 yen.Wonder if this decisive factor.

6. Yes, documentation toll-free 50-80-46.Fifty, eighty, be happy.

General impression of when I glanced this CM I think the thing that CM medical insurance.

Sometimes referred to as “security” also “the cost of treating injuries,” is, I will think something other than injury (illness) also whether the subject of security.

However, this insurance is insurance.Disease hospitalization is outside for security because the accident insurance.

You can join of course, even at the age of 60 at 50 years old.Nothing is a surprise.Because Because it is accident insurance.

Monthly payments are due on the cheap.Because Because it is accident insurance.

It is a commonplace in the security costs of treating injuries.Because Because it is accident insurance.

It is the CM using a subscription themselves policyholders Read the documentation.I hope the subscriber to submit an offer to misunderstand medical insurance.

I It is written as a “long-term Security Disability Insurance” in small letters in CM.It is a confusing accident insurance also article is written when you document request, but it is a clever trap (?) Aimed at customers who where unaware.

Be 50 years of age or older that targets are an impressive targeting you Neraiu~tsu generations such that there is no that it has entered only to group insurance company or recommendation of sales lady.

It is a revolutionary idea “aimed at generation × net insurance insurance product knowledge is thin”.

I’m not saying that is not true as, but who will sell you with a line of barely significant.

The reason for the way the last minute it is not only life insurance company, but the person who had been thought insurance company as something you are going Makiageyo the money to make full use of every possible means at least a good idea.