The common point of the company that is easily beaten on the net?


However, net even characteristics While it is excellent as an advertising tool, prone to things such as “bashing” and “fire” for everyone to free speech.To this problem that will keep scratching their heads spokesman us, “and companies likely to hit the net, company otherwise is present” as, Nakagawa Junichiro’s editor and PR planners “public relations meeting in July the difference I have discussed this issue “in (Sendenkaigi).

Some of the image that has worked steadily and “small factory”, “farmer” is hard to hit, companies have an image that seems to be a profitable fun gorgeous is easily beaten by “on the net.”Jealousy” is at stake is company that hit the (snip) Basic ”

For example, where the female appointee of cyber agent has up to blog the state took part in the “General Assembly” in October 2010, it was possible for the accused rushed blog has “flames”..

“People do not hit the people who are sent a hard life.Fun than myself, it is knock people who are a life happy.The same goes companies it “(Nakagawa)

As a defense to such a situation, “not give an image that is profitable”, “(in the form of hypocrisy and not reflected, however) that some reduction in the society,” Mr. Nakagawa has proposed that.In fact, even companies that are really profitable, to provide products with good quality and cheap “UNIQLO” and is known for skinny-kun and “Akaginyugyo” seems to hard beaten.

It seems to say that the context of Japan’s own, which tends to care about the appearance than the contents, but in considering the PR activities of the net era, it seems to be forced to consider these factors.That said, If you ask Nakagawa-san, “It will be hit the net, but not much impact in fact, that the person who scared reacts excessively, the only Aradate things often” or.Knowing properly, whether has become a social “problem” some people, or whether only are making noise you may have a important.

The common point of the company that is easily beaten by “net?”
Publisher: Sendenkaigi
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