Relocation of companies move on? – Wasting time?

I’m coming to New York at work.

There was this news.

CME Threatens to Skip Town Over Illinois Tax Hik

According to Dow Jones

Newswires, CME Group CEO Terry Duffy told shareholders the
Chicago-headquartered company has explored moving its corporate base
after Illinois hiked its corporate tax rate earlier this year.

And that the Chicago Makandairu Exchange and CME.

It is said that thinking about the transfer of the headquarters of the province from Illinois because raising the corporate tax.

More than 100 years, is present in Chicago, it is in the exchange, which is one of the center of the financial transactions of the world in the name of CME at least.

I still hint at the possibility of relocation of the head office unceremoniously against corporate tax increase in Illinois ….

One impression that Na said that this is happening in the world of today.Companies will move to the place that it is easy to run away easily from countries with high corporate tax.There will also talk about “law also humanity neither” like that.However, it is the age that you can now goods, people, money is free to move across national borders easily.We have to recognize more us that’s not the case you are saying such as duty and obligations is a reality.

Easy movement of the site would have allowed to fall into a disadvantageous situation the companies and organizations in the era procurement of goods, people and money is not easy.So, “Gili humanity” is not probably was important.However, in today’s “information asymmetry” has disappeared from the market developed, it might be such that the need for that thinner longer and “Gili humanity”.In other words, it is not only all companies and organizations in the only was acting Given the advantages and disadvantages of moving even in the present age in the past.

And I thought this also wonder if the United States.And are competing to attract the company of each state, and also take the policy of each.It was a light discussion American people that there was to neighboring Concerning are going anywhere in the state, but the conversation “taxes cheap ○ ○ state”, “○ ○ state is keen to attract companies,” such as has been.

Would be to such efforts of each local government in Japan.However, I thought the introduction of federal and regional system is the wish is desired in order to allow more freedom such things.

Whatever the case may be, attract corporate battle has been going on all over the world.And, low corporate tax is indispensable for the.It is only vain or to criticism by saying that it is company favoring it, even if criticism or “betrayal of one’s own country’s companies Nantes transfer offices abroad”.

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