Tobacco tax increase is successful, the tailwind convenience store

The tax increases of tobacco, there was also concern that could lead to lower tax revenues rather consumption drop prices will go up, but sales of tobacco supply shortage caused by the earthquake also As the start calm influence that dwell in rush demand of tax increase before also, the end I am elongation.

According to the Tobacco Institute of Japan, sales of May becomes 16.5 billion cigarettes, down 8.8 percent year-on-year, but sales to 345.5 billion yen of the 25.6% increase According to the sales of cigarettes in May 2011 was.It has been the result of consumption has decreased, but price increases is greater than.

Have received the benefit is convenience store than anything.107.5% in sales, existing stores also I’m great next to 105.7% according to preliminary sales of convenience store in May.If you look at the sales growth rate by category, 1.4% daily delivered food, -0.6% processed food, 22.9% non-food, is -3.5% services, growth of non-food that tobacco is included will not protrude.

Tobacco tax increase became a tailwind may be drawn to the convenience store, but, conversely, it does not mean sales grew on their own.Each company is said to have begun to focus on PB products in various ways, such as Suites, feel the growth of food-related is a favorite is a good enough, measures adapted to the reality of aging of the user somehow can not make are visible still You.