Ekobasu untimely cat bus appeared in the 8-wheel drive!

Widespread use of electric vehicles that did not feel the young as well, thanks to mass production by the car manufacturer, it has become a real future fairly until a few years ago.

Nissan Leaf’s said that the largest, dedicated to electric vehicle body, and the latest laminated lithium-ion battery, or an element a mechanistic.

The leaf’s produced It is Oppama plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture is also a municipality aggressive electric vehicle.

Under such Kanagawa Prefecture led, Keio University commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, it spawned companies such as Isuzu, Toshiba, Bridgestone Tokyo R & D in collaboration, electric car of this place.

Electric low-floor bus full flat (Image)

This is where the eight-wheel-wheel motor “Eliica” is known Speaking of electric vehicles of Keio University, the electric bus also adopted eight-wheel-in-wheel motor, the front two-axis steering same.

Opportunity to ride in a vehicle of the in-wheel motor, which is said to some, also ideal as a drive system for an electric car, almost no reality, but the chance to ride if the bus is likely not a little That said passenger.

However, it is not a reality yet.

According to Kanagawa, traffic Environment Division, operation specific not determined, but that they want to start with a run in the province by the end of the year.

In-wheel motor of the small-diameter tire produces a “low-floor and barrier-free,” What kind of thing.Sun can experience anyone, seems to be a far.

(Shinya Yamamoto)

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