What is “Globish” trendy?

Do you know the topic I “Globish” economic magazines recently?I also just found out about recently, but I am a little in vogue.To say that, Although it is enough to have picked up a little in the economic magazine.

“Globish” is so pronounced “Globish”.It is a means of communication are developed for non-native speakers of English.

To put it very roughly, the French developed “Globish” is something that was easy to use for foreigners in the simple English.It is a thing to squeeze in 1500 words the basic word that you want to use, and to simplify the grammar and expressions, with the aim of international common language to make it easier to identify non-native.

Book “Globish the World”, which was introduced to “Globish” is released the original book in 2004, Japanese translation was released this year.I tried to read the book immediately (see below), but it was this and that “or give my opinion” for me.


Sense of language is bad, English is also not good at me, but people English is not good to the Philippines and Indonesia are many.It is not good, but people who use English out of necessity are many.

If it is not also good at English, even people who do not even like the English population to use English out of necessity should be very large.Even when terrorist organizations and anti-American regime in the Middle East and Latin America to consult, the case you have a conversation in English more likely.

I think the language you want to use government officials in Southeast Asia come together in a place where not at all native speakers of English is English, communication in English occurs many,’s fate era of global.

I think even if you do not speak English fluently as American separately, without the Queen’s English venerable, communication and may be established.

I think rather than English as a hobby, and as English survival, mechanism of this “Globish” that’s beneficial.To tell the truth, I was thinking that I am also similar.

In 2003 The previous proposals similar challenges in graduate school essay preparation course “Globish the World” this book than out.Thing called “International Standard English” At that time, it was a plan to perform the standardization and simplification of English in the social sciences and science and technology in particular, that, should be the common language of the international community.

My suggestion of “International Standard English” has been dismissed lightly from a British teacher who.There were people who previously proposed such a thing “, but I did not realize the teacher says.It was felt that “it will be difficult.

Age might be has changed by any chance.English “Globish” basis is used Once out after 10 years, then it could serve as the enlightenment of people who English is not good at.

The days of Ibareru just because I nations Americans and British, Anglo-Saxon, and English can’m done now! English Bangkok’m not good people, and stand up! It is the place you want to start a movement that, try to use “Globish” everyone.

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