Or Japanese car pinch! Domestic car Kirikuzushi strategy arrival of VW people advance Special Feature Column: Business and Economy]

Rather than the share competition of imported car, VW boasts sales of No. 1 imported car brand more than 80%, seems to enhance the uptake of Japanese car user.

CM proud of popularity while also called rip-off, the manager of children, child VW spokesman.In recent years, invested and CM using consumer electronics entertainer, the CM such that the topic of Japan market.And, eco-car tax reduction corresponding to the first imported car, TSI series of downsizing to appeal the fuel consumption not to be defeated by hybrid.Target, but Kirikuzushi of domestic car completely user.

In addition, it provides tools to eliminate the anxiety of user tight even on sales strategy.Product is referred to as the 5-year relief package Soryusonzu is to dispel concerns about maintenance costs of imported vehicles and ease of buying a combination of mechanisms such as maintenance cost residual value setting loan, of five years will be free of charge to 1.99% low interest rates.Maintenance pack and this residual value setting, separation preventing effect of holdings has the advantage that users visit the store on a regular basis without fail, that is replacement to other manufacturers too soon is also high.

This product is limited to the end of June.Object model is limited to golf and golf Valiant.Supply can not keep up with demand, VW is the so-called “Tama shortage” in.Therefore, I have limited Golf Variant and Golf vehicle supply is relatively stable.This product is, when it comes to turning on all models and not limitation, there is a possibility that sales of VW to sharp increase in Ikki.The reason is, it is true about 80% of the customers who purchased the loan golf Valiant and what this golf that are using this product.Compared with domestic cars, imported cars is expensive still slightly.However, inferiority is because should disappear, even in comparison with the domestic car is the total cost if this maintenance pack and low interest rates.It is recommended with confidence to people there is an advantage in very well to the buyer, and also that the salesman to buy a imported car for the first time.For now, it is not drawn attention because it is limited to models, this method of selling missile basis when it becomes all models apply, domestic manufacturers have not be paying attention.

Well, it’s also worth the price of the VW Passat has just been released recently.And from 3.24 million yen, rival price range that targets sedan domestic rather than imported car.Japanese car Kirikuzushi strategy of VW continues still.

Details of low-interest loans and maintenance pack of VW Golf Golf Valiant here
■ VW Soryusonzu five-year relief package HP

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