The contribution of Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga visited Japan, but enough, I was saying that you fancy.
“Japan is!’m For the earthquake and support the Japanese economy,” I.
It was what was interviewed while walking.
It may be a coincidence, but that for the Japanese economy, I’ve come to the first purpose of visit to Japan.
This, it is amazing.
This might mean that you know things well.

And I wrote the blog also after the earthquake also before, but secondary damage of the earthquake, is that the economy will stall.
I think’s important that people spend money.
The government should not and does not trigger the kind of policy.
I do not know whether the statement Lady Gaga is thinking up there, but I mean came to Japan in order to stimulate the economy, to me, there was a great persuasive.
Sushi and shabu-shabu people faction, also good as your charm, and how to appeal the safety of Tokyo Japan or rather, this is not feel Na’s a good sign the economy.

Well, the prime minister is embattled, even shouting! “Safe”, has become a now, let alone there is no convincing, on the contrary, only, yellow “?Some people who think such as “.
However, Gaga is speaking of “I safety”, also foreigners around the world, this is, should “I think at least, Tokyo …’m all right,” and indeed.
This difference in influence! Horror!
Really, now, tourists foreigners After recovering, Lady Gaga I would deserve commendation.

I wrote a blog the other day, but it has become difficult to take the book shops (restaurant) is not a mistake.
I think finally, and I think I go back to the situation of always.
Although I think of course, the field of still there is many …

It is a market at the end, but I am concerned about soon, once the exchange is either not to ¥ 80 breakthrough.
Too, at 80 yen, It is too hold out.
Although I think that he yen selling substantial individual investors (Mrs. Watanabe).
Once, I feel like to be bought (like 78 yen) ¥ 70 table the second half will be, but I think up to high after the earthquake is not to do.
So as to match even Japanese stocks to decline slightly, it will not fall much.
When is such a market, I am a complete summer slump.
Buying and selling price is also likely to continue the off-peak and 1 trillion several hundreds of billion.
It seems to be movement not until August also political.
A-OK, the United States, wait-and-see.
Also power shortage.
In addition, expectations of more intense heat.
Shit, I can only rest.

Come to think of it, Prince Shotoku, I had completely forgotten … I’m sorry.