Without Matsuya, Yoshinoya follow the price cut Zensho?Beef bowl war or end?/ Kanamori Tsutomu

Price cut of beef bowl began a limited time until July 5 of Zensho “like family” and “Nakau”.For 3 consecutive months from April, it is intended to attract customers in the industry low level of 250 yen uniform Ryomise this time.On the other hand, Matsuyafuzu and Yoshinoya Holdings extended the foot traffic is performed in the same way the price cut is not expressed at present price cut in May April.Beef bowl war or will you end.

Winning patterns of Zensho’s add-on selling.Order of actual earnings subjected to topping “gray hair green onions beef bowl”, such as “kimchi beef bowl”, in Nakau, who like to set Heibai and “small noodles” to beef bowl.In that sense, if considered as a promotional tool for attracting customers for Zensho, it makes sense to implement it because I like to distribute discount coupons on a regular basis “lowest cow bowl campaign”.
On the other hand, there is a taste of the meal ya already if you look at the menu structure of Matsuya.Customer to order a meal with high unit price than beef bowl is and, more originally, if you rate that can be converted into orders set meal even if the new attract customers Lowest Prices cow bowl is small, there is no point in implementing.In addition, Yoshinoya’s “beef bowl ray”.Was released low-cost corresponding “Gyunabe bowl”, but I would like to deferred price of beef bowl.The reason you want to withdrawal from low-cost beef bowl war most are clear.

Fight such as “chicken race” has also become sorry In “War in the bowl” Naranu “War in the cup” by the three companies beef bowl industry companies is fierce profit.
According to the article dated 27 May Nikkei MJ 6, and embarked on a multi-store of low-cost business categories of Skylark family restaurant has been operated on a trial basis in Kofu from April of the “bowl gust”.And we opened a second store by the end of the year, the aim of the system 100 stores in 2-3 years.

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