Since the announcement stock price to determine SOFTBANK power business entrants downward trend

It was decided that Softbank amending the articles of incorporation at the shareholders’ meeting of June 24, 2011, embark on power generation and sales of natural energy such as solar.

At the shareholders’ meeting, the term and finally the objective to expand the (large-scale solar power plants) mega solar across the country, Masayoshi Son, president of the approval of the shareholders.Established “natural energy council” in the July.Governor of the 35 prefectures across the country have expressed support to the council, concrete projects aimed at “Nuclear Power” begins to move.

“I was zero interest in electricity Mr. Son” was zero interest in electricity “at the shareholders’ meeting.Recognizing obediently and “had no interest other than the information revolution, for entry into the power business, a voice saying stow” is “has been received a lot, then started to talk to snorting slightly.And, Mr. Son said of his own “determination”.

In response to the nuclear accident of TEPCO and the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, Mr. Son would be “What is life.It would be What is company.If you would be What is happiness of the people, referred to as “genuinely thought out various things.”information revolution not to be able to eliminate energy conclusion that there has been accomplished.What TEPCO and the government if can not solve, the problem of the primary electrical missing, can not be resolved, in this case, that “no choice but to give a helping hand to.Create electricity efficiently, but an accident occurs once, “nuclear power plant would be ridiculous.Can I really be a zero primary.Told when it comes to lowering the dependence of the primary, and “Do I have to prepare as soon as the 1st energy to replace.

It’s the key that Mr. Son to enter the power business, have been submitted to the current Diet session, “Renewable Energy Special Measures Act”.I used to oblige a major power company purchase the total amount of renewable energy, but the bill has become one of the focal point of the political situation at stake and the resignation of Prime Minister Naoto Kan.Mr. Son in the General Assembly, it would be who does not matter, “Prime Minister about this.You should enter the deliberations at the thought just for people.I was checking opponents, a prudent investment in renewable energy is “start as Western law Ream.

Relationship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and NTT in the information communication industry, likened to the relationship of the leading power companies and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Relationship of regulatory agencies and the regulated industries as robust, the wall of the new entrants is thick.That’s why, you might have in mind now, is worth sally forth to Mr. Son.

In all cases, the success or failure of mega solar initiative says Mr. Son becomes a major premise is the establishment of “Renewable Energy Special Measures Law” first.

“Political risk” increases, fusion with the communication of the core business or investors shunned also a big point.It is expected to increase to the maximum power generation efficiency by monitoring and adjusting in real-time supply and demand of power with the help of (information technology) IT “smart grid (smart grid)” to exert a synergistic effect with communication business.In fact, Google and IBM and has entered the smart grid, Mr. Son has said, “I think Google’s Na truly” in the General Assembly.

In addition, speculation of speculation to some acquisitions of TEPCO also unceasing.Separation of the transmission sector and power sector (shipping power separation) has emerged to change the title of the future as a power reform, Prime Minister Kan also said to be positive.Only there is a flavor of the highest brain to the Prime Minister Naoto Kan now, “If you want you’re aiming at the acquisition of power transmission sector TEPCO separated” some critics of the (economic organizations concerned parties).If possible acquisition, the development of networks of communication antenna which is a weak point of Softbank proceed at once.

On the other hand, Mr. Son is emphasized that interest-bearing debt, which swelled to when it acquired the Japanese subsidiary of Vodafone UK in five years ago, was halved from 2 trillion 400 billion yen at the shareholders’ meeting.Operating income and be third in the country, and has maintained a highly profitable, was appeal improvement of financial.

However, since late May that was expressed entry into the power business, and is in a downward trend stock price also is true.Interrupt 3000 yen, closing price on the day of the shareholders’ meeting was also 2987 yen.

Sued Mr. Son and want to evaluate the share price of medium-and long-term rather than short-term, but there are also more than 1 trillion yen is still “interest-bearing debt from shareholders.Voice cash flow is the “I’m worried about the entry into the power business, which funds also take there leaks.To entry into the power business, financial challenges of large.

It is to be feared above all, with the politics it’s “sense of distance”.After the earthquake, feel disgust for the confusion of Japanese politics foreign investors.Remarks and attitudes of politicians change the flop, stock market high, such as swaying big of “risk” is to be avoided even without a it, feel the danger the way of Magoshacho to build a close relationship with politicians investors who are not a few.

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