Yoshinoya vs like home! Whereabouts of eel war with beef bowl chain stores?

Days of hot and humid continues, the arrival of summer close anymore.You would like to put a fine in the eel this time no matter what someone says……. Seems to be the status quo is also the eve of (July 21) Midsummer Day of the Ox, but the price of eel, is there a super soaring Shiirene state is nearly three times unfortunately.But I what you want, you can ask them thinking, “number of times to eat eel …… it seems to decrease this year” Nantes’s! They have done it again this year.So, as “Yoshinoya” and “like family”.The past few years, it is a beef bowl chain (even though?Two great men that shoot sparks in eel menu, reasonable).I tried than eat eel bowl they push.The challenge to the volume menu to eat stomach is full even a man of adult this time!
Yoshinoya that came.Sometimes it is dinner time, reasonable enters the audience.It is a state where more than half of the seats are filled.Big “eel bowl” climbing is enshrined in front of the shop.Advertising poster of “bowl of eel and rice” here and there you enter the store.Even while examining the menu, here is the order “two prime pieces of eel bowl (880 yen)” a still.It is a menu with a sense of volume in the most eel-up menu.

If you are preparing an interview while dancing chest expectations, bowl of eel and rice arrived in no time.Or where it said 2-3 minutes Mononoke.The voluminous full marks to the eye.Shine of sauce – is good.”Two pieces of prime eel bowl (880 yen)” This, in comparison with “bowl of eel and rice (550 yen),” said the amount of eel is riding is twice normal.Calorie weight preeminent and 865 kcal for 658 kcal bowl of eel and rice.Now people of taste and to say, this is not bad.Fluffy also paste of fat eel that was brought up from Silas to stick to food and water under contract with ponds on its own in China and Jiangsu Province ◎.And I have no time to Kan-shoku.It is Arigachi but the expression “melt away when I put in the mouth” is the gem of perfect.

As an aside, it was impressive audience of a little less than half of the store is that had ordered a menu of eel-related.It’s the guys like eel after all.

To Sukiya followed.Climbing was being decorated with off-premises still.Foot traffic was sparse Sometimes it is late at night, but the people who are eating eel also sprinkling of.

Differs from the number of Yoshinoya menu.”Eel bowl (680 yen),” “special eel bowl (980 yen),” “Unaushi (810 yen),” “Unatama bowl (740 yen)”, “Unatoro bowl (780 yen)” and, eel system of the decisive factor is grated yam substantial enhancement first time just menu.The choice to fully enjoy the eel “special eel bowl (980 yen)” on this time! Especially eel bowl arrived in about five minutes after you order.To 693 kcal eel bowl normal, especially eel bowl 1056 kcal of over 1000 kcal what.It is the volume menu imposing.

The eel from China that have a strictly quality inspection, I can see well seen’s tight also look.This is more than expected.Sauce is a little bland compared to Yoshinoya.Eel itself rather than the chunky system, we are relatively easily.However thick eel a tight, body and Kyu, perfect score Gotae eat anyway.Moderate elasticity should be able to stimulate the appetite further.I was allowed to complete diet with great satisfaction.To solve that problem, I tried to eat than the eel bowl of both chain that aims to eel king of beef bowl chain world, but either way delicious honest! (Laughs) I want you to go to visit by all means.As far as the intense heat of every day, it is going to be hot this summer.To eat a full stomach eel, lunch today and get the stamina! Let’s will survive the hot summer and the rainy season coming soon, annoying! rellinkbegin ■ Related Articles
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