The Zappos legend, tips for Japanese to basics is jammed – Seino Holdings, Mr. Yoshitaka Taguchi

“It is net Kutsu-ten Zappos legendary customer enthusiasm” books since its launch in December 2010, has grown a fan of Tony Shea and Zappos in Japan, but several times, Zappos legend of the various layers of Japan Introducing the passion of fans.I will continue to Yomitoi from diverse perspectives venture, customer service, corporate culture, and way of life, ibid.This time, I was asked to speak to Mr. Yoshitaka Taguchi Seino Holdings Co., Ltd. president led by Seino Transportation Group, a leader in the logistics industry.

Yoshitaka Taguchi (Taguchi Yoshitaka) Mr.
Seino Holdings President and Representative Director Seino Transportation.Born in April 1961.In 1985, he joined Seino Transportation.Through the Vice President Managing Director in 1991, Managing Director in 1996, in 1998, he was appointed president in 2003.The transition to a holding company structure in 2005, it changed its name to Seino Holdings.He is a member of the Representative Director of Seino Transportation newly established.

The Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 “March, we were instructed Please ensure the safety to” absolute, and “in the order of their customers, family, and everyone immediately.However, despite the aftershocks, employees in the affected areas did a check by customers or not in trouble to come to the company.If you worry here is whether all right, I say that it is okay.

In the affected areas, many of the road in the Pacific Ocean side is fragmented, security is difficult, I was struggling to find a disaster area transport.Line employees in the field is me said, “is a long way, but you should go in Yamagoe from Niigata,” you were able to begin the disaster area transport from March 14.

Movement of these employees I was thankful, and I was impressed.I felt proud of our employees to think though not a command of business, and for people in the disaster area people, your.

I I think that it is a very hard time as an individual.However, feeling their own mission and origin of their concerns as an individual accomplish this even discard the wiping.I think that it might in the “feeling of public (public)” you have this key.I think by the Great East Japan Earthquake, many of the Japanese people, when it did not become the opportunity to return to the origin of these feelings public probably also our company ”

Taguchi, who speak in this way the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake of their own, says the “net Kutsu-ten Zappos legendary customer enthusiasm”, an important hint to the Japanese origin regression is clogged.

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