Next-generation was cruising distance and improved “quasi-domestic machine” Boeing 787 Japan’s first flying fuel consumption

Morning July 3, 2011, the next-generation medium-sized passenger aircraft Boeing 787 (B787) was flying to Japan for the first time.In addition to range grew significantly compared to the conventional medium-sized machines, 35% or more of the components of the B787 is made in Japan, “quasi-domestic machine”.But B787 was delayed more than three years development is compared to the original plan, there is an advantage in the width of the flight schedule and destination that spread for airlines.

Flying this time, purpose is to carry out the verification or available without any problems Airport equipment in Japan.Boeing is the manufacturer’s collaborate first time in the world buying large quantities B787 and All Nippon Airways (ANA) verification work.

20 minutes past 6:00 am 3rd July configuration, test machine painting of Triton blue of ANA has been performed in C runway at Haneda Airport from Seattle in the U.S. carbon fiber composite material about 50% landed.

Verification is carried out until July 10, flight test is also performed by connecting Itami and Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, Okayama, Hiroshima, the middle.

The B787, performance has been improved in many ways compared to the medium-sized in accordance with the related art.Normally, the aircraft is made of material around the aluminum but, B787 is composed of carbon fiber composite material of about 50%.It was the “light and strong” aircraft than conventional.

Possible fuel economy is improved direct flight routes of Europe and the U.S. East Coast route, range also extends.It is also can be charged direct flights from European routes and the U.S. East Coast route that could not be operated as a non-large aircraft such as Boeing 777s.At this point airlines’s hopeful, it is hammering out a dig in, such as long-haul demand is not so great.

Livability is also improving.Takeda will be hurt “electronic curtain” I date are opened and closed by hand, since the “light and strong” aircraft reaches the area of ​​the window is increased by 1.2 times so far.Further, it is possible to increase the humidity and atmospheric pressure as compared with the previous model, the possibility of throat and ears of the passenger is hurt even lower.

In response to the delivery of Unit 1 August to September 11, in September-October, first ANA aims to introduction into domestic.Japan Airlines also (JAL), and received a No. 1 in October-December month lag of 2-3 from ANA.The April 12, Narita set up a new – to line up to Boston.

Masayuki Ishii captain that made the operation of the landing of the flight to Haneda Airport in the current (56),

“When landing, things to do, so together always, it was pretty cool.But, “said there is excitement from my eyes then, was the deep emotion down.

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