The world-class Michael Woodford new president aims why I appointed to the top people in the UK Olympus revolution “way of working”

April Olympus to rush the rebuilding of the video business, including a digital camera, I was Uttede in bold top personnel.And he was promoted to president of Japan headquarters from top European regional company Michael Woodford said of the British walked around the medical business fields, such as an endoscope support revenue.At the same time, Woodford, who embarked on a restructuring without the sanctuary hopes to drastically change the way of working of the Japanese to avoid conflict with others so much that values ​​consensus and harmony.
(Interviewer / Diamond Online Editor-in-Chief Yuji Aso)

– How to self-analysis the reason that has been appointed as president.

Because I want to tell you the honest answer not superficial, story slightly longer, but I would like your relationship.

I tend to have confidence in the accuracy of your intuition, but when I got this story from Mr. Kikukawa (President and current chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa at the time) in October last year, I was surprised anyway.It is because did not expect at all really.

If anything, it exists a specific wolf is one animal in a group, and (from the viewpoint of the Japanese) I would be human a little unpredictable.Most Japanese do not like uncertainty and unpredictability.I know that Olympus is a company of high quality very ethically, and it’s very fond of this company, but still Japanese companies are conservative in general terms, is convinced (personnel such) and impossible had.

So why What I.I want you to check to chairman Kikukawa The truth is, if the step-by-step instructions in place, do not these things.

Culture, not only society, but also in the context a business basis, Japan is a country very interesting first.After World War II, this country was breakthrough continues to evolve by consensus and harmony high quality, to the super power economic.

Remain a vivid memory that I was a student, and this has been the “Made in Japan” full After looked around suddenly.At an affordable price car, camera, high quality and TV …, Japanese products took the world by storm.To learn from the West, Japan has practiced better than the West rather.Was the first country to genuinely understand what which is what (Quality, Cost, Delivery) of QCD’s Japan.Thorough attention self-discipline, to detail gave birth to great success story.

However, the world is constantly changing.not that innovative, that Japan accomplishments was that relates to the production and development necessarily.Until Prague, Czech Republic Toronto, Canada, from Berlin, Germany from Ohio of the United States, the art of manufacturing, science of production is embodied in the same way in different places on the earth, so to speak, now that.

What Japan today is what has, Advantage of Japan today is what exactly -.You end up in such a question it would be of course.

Voice In response to this situation, Japan and fell into a decisive decline also heard from some, but I myself do not pessimistic, and believe in the future of Japan.But we have seen too much in ’30 this country, I think there is no doubt that it is time to further evolution is required.

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