Coup broke out in newspaper Great Depression era? President change drama of Nikkan Sports severe earthquake

Accident has occurred to Nikkan Sports “male sports newspaper”.

Forced a significant number of copies down the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake 3.11, bonus of this summer many company 40-50 percent cut such as natural Some company that goes to zero, I have entered the era of the Great Recession sports newspaper.Of course, such as the replacement of the management team there is an urgent need, but the smell of Kina is something floating around the back of the president of retirement Nikkan Sports announced the other day.

Open the ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 28, the company was supposed to be Miura Motohiro president is not re-elected, retire short-term unusual that two-year period 1.It is a translation was supposed to be president to serve concurrently as president Noriyuki Kawada members of the founding family born, but, in fact, this is he that was the coup of the founding family side.I says company official has whispers.

“That I was surprised.Without warning, emergency resolution that I was submitted at the shareholders’ meeting suddenly.Miura president was surprised ”

Contents of the emergency resolution is,’s dismissal request a vote of no confidence to the president Miura.In addition, further surprised if you take a vote!

I because I had been Desuyo! Surely also never passed because “.So retired president of Miura I decided formally “(stakeholders supra)

What happened on earth? The truth seems to be that he’s driven into retirement Miura president allowed to submit an emergency motion to the person who founding family side is a pre-arranged in advance Apparently, my breath it took.Reason,’s feud of the current management team with a focus on Miura, president and founding family side.Insider to testify as follows:.

“Miura president, it was a owner of thinking better or worse innovative.Do not do alone (newspaper) paper now.I, and no good thing that can be deployed in all business fields such as business events must be Ika.So, the claim that it falls completely under the umbrella of the Asahi Shimbun, which is also the parent company.In short, it is the children of the morning sun, Nikkan Sports I was trying to Hashiridaso route to go live under the protection.It is, I’d like you do not like for the founding family side ”

That is, if the founding family side, “If much be under the umbrella of the Asahi Shimbun, I would rather fold the daily sports!’s Better,” said mean.And of choosing not intended accumulated is being treated like a toy such that the daily was launched on their own, if the person who crush, it’s just the concept of the old school.Under these muddy play, the voice era that good in favor of its own way on the principle of Miura president to only the times were many in-house.While it is true, did not so it was a way of aggressive in-house personnel too Miura president.

Likes and dislikes is too intense anyway “President According to the insider, supra.Place the important post after another the protege, regardless of age, who are not school president also been able to work …… storm of relegation.Company has Become a mess in this.In, proponents were declining.It’s called “was the environment in which the coup is easy to do for the very founding family side.Founding family side seized management again, I was not at the helm of Nikkansupotsushinbun-sha, but “employees to be worried about the future in way too old-fashioned is not a few” and (company employees).Well-established sports paper …… what will happen really.
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