Executive instructions to troubled Knowing [wide show report] Kyushu Electric Power “primary Resume Yarasemeru” name?

It was good to do it in “normal.I was drowning in policy.Terry of “caster I’m also amazed fool.For resuming the operation of Units 2 and 3 Genkai nuclear power plant of Kyushu Electric Power, in the TV program the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was produced to explain to residents, employees from the subsidiary manager class employees of Kyushu Electric as E-mail your opinion of resumption favor It is a problem that has been lobbying to.While the eyes of the people are focused strictly so much to resume nuclear power plant, why was such a cheap trick.I has highlighted old anything tries to Jacobo that in favor of the company behind the scenes work, a bad constitution.

It is announced that manager class, but June 26 (2011), … program is carried out in the form of answering questions of seven who were chosen as representative citizens is the person in charge of the country, Saga Prefecture It was relayed by the Internet and Cable TV.In this program, it was indicated by the Kyushu Electric name to send an opinion in favor of resuming the operation under the guise of civilian.It is a translation requested the so-called “Yarasemeru”.

Open (July 6) conference last night, Kyushu Electric apologized in helping Makoto-buri 応社 length is admitted.Admitted their own responsibility, but true section president has denied involvement.

“It is said that was emailed from the person of the manager class, but, it is whether the who, what can not be specific in-house” Kato Kouji moderator

Ootawashie (physician) commentators “I will be able to easily”

The “Although I think if you can, to receive an indication of who, who was out, and understood immediately” KATO

It will “that there are people who understand and troubled” Otawa

Is it really a class manager “Terry Ito continue.Whether there was more instruction from above ”

Kato put the power to where Who is involved.

There is no way even seen things “now, the power company has to work for resumption of nuclear power plant acceptable.Far Who was involved, you’ll have to be clarified ”

June 29, Banri Kaieda parous phase request to Kishimoto hero mayor of Genkai town for the resumption of operations of Genkai nuclear power plant, Mayor Kishimoto also had told the intention of understanding.However, resumption of largely late with the revelation of this mail problem is it’s inevitable.July 6, in the Diet Kaieda is “outrageous story.I laid bare the anger and “is really outrageous story.

It is not only a question of Kyushu Electric.Constitution of hiding information, such as melt-down is also a problem TEPCO.When in crisis unprecedented nuclear, power companies in this woeful state, while the distrust of the people raise.Resumption of operation has just become more and more difficult.

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