Edison Photos outflow Twins Gillian is “unforgivable”, and a clear distinction Cecilia – Hong Kong

July 7, 2011, Gillian Chung of the popular unit of Hong Kong Twins (Gillian) has appeared in recital drama in Shanghai, “Datang woman Megu按”.NOWnews was told.

Recently, divorce crisis emerged between (Nicholas Tse) Cecilia Cheung (Chokashiwa turf) actor Nicholas Tse of Hong Kong.Divorce of the two is only a matter of time, the course has been reported vividly every day.

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Gillian you heard about this, comment “i dont have anything to do that a couple of others, but around does not make noise, I want to give give a space that can handle two people calm down” and.In addition, given that the two people are once catastrophe even before marriage, and said, “I think there is also a hope of resurrection and also, even if the divorce even if”.

By January 2008, indecent private shot of female talent taken Edison Chan (Edison Chen) was leaked on the net, Cecilia and Gillian became the victim was forced into hiatus at the same time.Recently, however, takes a two-shot photos with Edison that came across by chance on board, Cecilia has become a hot topic in behavior such as have forgotten or lost your grudge already.This is the biggest cause of divorce crisis.

For action of Cecilia, Gillian to speak “because it’s her choice” and.For Cecilia that allows Edison already, and when asked whether what about that Gillian itself and continued to silence but Mashiro word as “impossible” at the end.I was telling that the root of the resentment is the depth of the equivalent.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)

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