Stimulant smuggling surge from North Korea, the Chinese authorities may damage head – Buddha media

July 8, 2011, in accordance with international broadcasting of France, Radio France International (electronic version), the stimulants smuggling increased from North Korea in the northeast, such as Jilin, Chinese authorities have hurt his head.(Electronic version) said reference news.

2010, methamphetamine user has swelled to about 2100 people about 500 times that of twenty years ago in Jilin.Is estimated that this 5-6 times in fact, Chinese authorities is to strengthen the crackdown, but the illegal trade is only through such net increase.For the maintenance of friendly relations with North Korea, and the like to keep expressed as “from neighboring countries,” the source of stimulants, and is struggling to support.

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In the background of increased smuggling, there is a serious food shortage in North Korea.Situation due to the deterioration of the economy, the armed forces soldiers not even accustomed to satiety now.As a way of quick cash income, general public get involved in methamphetamine production that is increasing.In addition, I found cases from chronic drug shortage, for pain relief, such as cancer, stimulants are frequently used there is many.

On the other hand, the North Korean authorities to face the crisis of the national economy collapse “pretend not to see”.Told reporters, one of the defectors have said, “will not embrace any hope in their own country, people are thinking of” want to forget everything in “drug” and.(Translation and editing / AA)

Cases that were used in only 12 years old spread more than 100,000 people = methamphetamine drug users also – Zhejiang
• The three Koreans methamphetamine smuggling, or death sentence close to China from North Korea – State Yanbian Korean Autonomous Jilin
· 2.5kg-Qingdao City, Shandong Province of the largest ever in Japanese restraint = Qingdao Airport methamphetamine smuggling
• With chance to veteran dealers stimulants! Chongqing – seized a large amount of illegal drugs
-Caught to capacity building of drug-rust agent Satoru prisoners, training received from eight Asian countries – China