University management also confusion Because I do not draw the national strategy – Kazuo Suzuki

This article was worried about.
“Popularization of higher education of young people, not lead to employment” is the heading of (labor economic white paper).
The Nikkei of 2011/7/8 with, “Hosokawa Ritsuo phase of Health, Labour and Welfare has submitted an analysis of” the labor economy (labor economic white paper) “2011 version of the Cabinet of the 8th.While the college-going rate rises rapidly in the ’20 since 1990, analyze what you teach is not to meet the needs of society, and noted the popularization of higher education of young people is not connected to the job always “.

To reduce the young people have no job when you graduate, it is me that he stressed the need and employment support of University and review of what to teach students.Not surprisingly, pointed out the Minister Hosokawa correct?.

I think employment support to students is required, but a review of education content, as long as it is for university, that it has not hit.

outline by the Minister pointed out is that the popularization of higher education does not lead to a job.The problem of this background, it is that the bubble after the collapse of the 1990s, national strategies are not properly conceived.

Answer in the emerging countries and China’s rise, of where to seek a lifeline after the collapse of the bubble economy of the Japanese companies without finding emerging economies to rise soon, it is hectic chase, even GDP, it was overtaken by China.Still, I have a problem in Japan you do not draw a blueprint of future properly.It, because there is no blueprint to educational content of the university, it can not match.

It is happening now in particular, how to the nuclear power plant, as the advanced industrial countries, or to lead the world, stop the nuclear power plant, do you produce high value-added products, to bureaucracy, even politicians, even large companies, No one draw.Let alone what would be expected in college.

The corporate culture that officials and insider trading allegations, politicians who have lost their brain, his own company even if you like, and may be at the expense of public.From the flow of them, it would be one of the reasons that can not be what job is mushrooming of undergraduate universities and it is assumed should Mokare.Teachers while teaching the use of teaching materials for elementary school children, to take care of job hunting, students who do not understand.All, has the shape of a terminally ill.

Most, universities are built firmly, such as law, rights and interests are protected is, as you know, are you with the ranking of the world has become in existence far from world-class and degraded in just a part.

It will happens when you put together.
And deterioration of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and bureaucracy of university bureaucrats descend from heaven, to affiliate to grip the interest of university licensing
· University of deterioration part of the university has become a management of subsidy digger
– Parent and child to dream sweet scenario deterioration consumers (people) do not even think deeply, to regret enrolled

Within the white paper, the percentage of “people who also attend employment nor I graduated from college” was 24.2% in 2010.People find employment in the economic recovery has increased after it became a record high of 32.4 percent in 2000, people who are not both job-go had been reduced, but began to increase after 2009, ’10 is growing big.

Needs of the site with job will be left and right because the economy.Impact of the Lehman shock I think this is one only was greater simply.For example, the service industry needs new graduates is high, because of the low wages, the popularity of college students is low, working hours does not want to go too much to the food service, such as a tavern lament the lack of turnout million years, especially long.Orientation of these students will also be affected.

On the other hand, looking at the students admitted to the department by the university, he led the student increase humanities, social sciences increased especially during the 1990s.You are in undergraduate liberal arts is about half of the students, but still, if there is a teacher in one large classroom, this is probably the influence of university management profit margin you can save capital investment living is high.

After graduation, when analyzed by the faculty to “people who also attend employment also does not”, while small, physical, engineering, agriculture is often in the humanities humanities, social science, and art is of course.This is because there is no one with a job analysis of the future, was opened.White Paper has been strictly evaluated “We have expanded the university capacity, but it is hard to say and has expanded to meet the needs of society Department of configuration at that time,” but, what do I refer to the needs of society.

In other words, I think in not only what you are saying are saying Comments Hosokawa Minister, officials of the ministry, and outrageous, officials of the Ministry of Education.
Because, University of approval, such as subsidies, the Ministry of Education is because holding.Making side of the white paper of this time, because it is the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

That of the students who graduated from four-year college in March this year, one in five had graduated course such as academic and employment remains undetermined, I’ve found in a survey.Graduates who are in an unstable position will climb to at least 90 000 people.In terms of undergraduate system by the percentage of all graduates, tend to have a gap of up to five times, towards the liberal arts are struggling to go and employment than science is I seem to be seen.

Let’s take a look at the percentage “graduates employment, does not go” of (March 2011 graduate).

Arts, sports, science 36.5
Legal and political 27.7
Statement and Humanities 26.2
Economics and management, and business 25.2
Education 23
Society and the international 22
Agriculture 13.1
Management 12.6
Engineering 10.6
Medicine 9.8
Medicine 6.7


27% humanities
11% science

When it is this, it means that science is about 90% of employment, employment humanities can be about 70%.In terms of the company, the liberal arts undergraduate instruments, machinery and equipment as well I do not need laboratory as science, and it may be said that it is cash cow of university management.As a rule of thumb, as long as teachers and classroom, you can open undergraduate.

Science that you are in day and night school and reporting experiment is large, is also required capital investment, and offered classroom time is not long.As long as it is a simplistic university management, and will place what undergraduate Yobikomeru (students, enrollment) customers in a handy investment is desired.According to it, among the graduates, employment’s 62.2 percent, who go to graduate school and was 16.1%.There graduates to the sum person who went to “work” temporary employment, and college who are not, such as part-time job, a “and unknown” and amounted to 20.8%.

I think from a variety of materials, reading, and human resource development strategy → → Faculty of the University of the country, it is possible to recast the educational content from a large flow, to be effective.

And materials: college course study, cooperation universities and graduate schools list of Asahi Kawaijuku
The study, conducted in the public and private university in total 759 schools nationwide.(74% recovery) Answered from 558 universities.

Kazuo Suzuki (journalist)