Late at night, [food stamps], 4,465 million people go to Wal-Mart?Obesity hup in welfare?

■ 10 日, ABC News aired a video chasing the family to rely on food stamps welfare.Leslie Benson’s lost their jobs two years ago a lot of people lost their jobs.With no work, unemployment insurance expired are now a life that relied on food stamps that are paid $ 97 a month in a family of three.And go to Wal-Mart at 3:00 early morning welfare expenses are paid, Benson’s family, but to stock up on food for one month.Also, has raised and canned (food pantries) food pantry that is run by volunteers.

However, refrigerator halved in the second week, a state in which nothing remains almost after 20 days.To raise food for one month to go to Wal-Mart in the early morning food stamp payment date and also Kuitsunagi until the last minute in the soup and pasta.Mr. Benson has said in tears “daily necessities such as groceries’s a luxury to us” and.The U.S. unemployment rate next June, 9.2%, period of work until you find has become the longest-ever 10-month average.Food stamp recipients number also continue to update the record in April, with 4,465 million people.

Leslie Benson’s to buy groceries from the food stamp welfare: top image.It’s Wal-Mart Supercenter of 3:00 early in the morning.And (or welfare) “,” salary cycle of shopping (extreme paycheck cycle) “stands out very domestic Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon.The surge from 23:00 at the end of the month, was placed in a cart daily essentials milk and baby food, such as bread, customers are lining up to register to 0:00 after midnight welfare cost is paid electronic card.Therefore, says sales and “has been rapidly increasing in the first few hours of the 1st Super Center (24 hour store).

ABC News “victim forgotten (Forgotten victims)”.Benson’s family to rely on food stamps in the state unemployment pity a very.But, the whole family doughs obesity?

⇒ Hello! It is Goto Wenjun American distribution consultant.Everyone, take a look at the video above, do you not feel uncomfortable?And even though it has already been buying groceries in welfare costs, the body is eating too much obviously.I think the BMI is not the same as Matsuko Deluxe.Son is also reflected, but is a fine physique.It should not be maintained To be in that body, and not take more than a 2,000 calorie diet every day.It means that you are taking every day 6,000 kilocalories more than three.In, and see what Mr. Benson are purchasing, as well as milk and chicken minced meat, and eggs, it looks mushrooms and margarine, orange juice or even apple juice in the refrigerator.I think maybe, that he declined to processed foods with high calories for TV.But fruits and vegetables I do not see.If from my drinking water when thirsty throat, I feel like you do not need, but you can juice and milk. . .

⇒ You should not gain weight if you have to eat.But, I’m talking refrigerator will become empty Benson’s family becomes the end of the month.If there is not to eat in the refrigerator, and hey ~ I expected it to be made in just the right diet.Recently, obesity rates have skyrocketed in the United States, 90 percent also increased in at least 17 provinces over the last year from 1995 has been revealed.If you are biased in the south, nine states out of 10 states have obesity rates high had the highest It is 34% of Mississippi.It is that one person that obesity in three.In, recipients of food stamps are also biased in the southern part.

State with the highest percentage of people who rely on food stamps in Mississippi, it is 20.7%.That one person would have received welfare in five.That is to say, it’s speculated that the there is a correlation to life and protection obesity.Obesity, the more diabetes also increases.In, the country act as a substitute for low-income families unable to afford the medical bills and put food costs at the same time also.Beyond, get sick also, in.It is a negative spiral.Whatever the case may be, I feel like not enough to be put up (including fasting) will be Americans, but would you like?