Abomination fly through the air and is caught naked man, in cattle bull running festival – Spain

Naked man stormed the venue bull running festival being held in Pamplona northern Spain of “San Fermin Festival”, I challenged the fight to cattle.China newspaper network reported.

Red scarf, and suddenly appeared at the venue of the festival, was a man naked to wearing sneakers and socks in the foot on the neck.With a red scarf that was in his hand, was a man who challenged the fight to cattle coming at a breakneck speed, but danced in the air while naked is caught in the corner too soon.

Contrary to the feeling that “I’ll show the place cool”, and was waiting for the man who exposed the abomination that is the mercy in cattle in the nude is not a nice woman, it was a police officer.As a “disturbing public order”, the man had been arrested as it is.

Bull running festival enthusiastic will be held up to 14 days.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

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