“Like a machine like” Japanese obediently follow the instructions of the [Korean] government BBS

The bulletin board community site of South Korea, the “Pomupu”, I was cast impressions for the reaction of Japanese power-saving measures related to.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: the peak time of the power of a typical summer sword is 14:00 to 4:00.But If you look at the result of the aggregation of time zone power usage of Japan, the peak of power in the 4:00 to 5:00, and power companies in Japan that the government puzzled.The reason for this, because there was a notice with as abstain from use in peak time general.Cause withstand the heat in that time period, it is to put together the air conditioning from then.Such a phenomenon, seems to have also helped culture “and good listener” and “obedience” of the people of Japan.However, it is scary somehow and see that such.


● people of Japan Sherlock I’ll follow well that others say really.I do not know is how bad it is how good.

● The c-friendly Japan, and that to believe the power to be happy.

● Tanjito Japan becomes compliant of people immediately, there is no country demo.(In recent years, various demo I have been made in various regions indeed)

● side by side in a row even when Napoleon earthquake, I was waiting for taxi.

● as Japan, there is no country where people are mercy of the media and the government and child.

● The quiet nameless radioactivity even when the incontinent.Like a machine like.

● country truly magical 6300K.

● Immediately after the earthquake U~onsu, you felt that it is tough at the sight of the Japanese to be arranged in a row in the gas station, waiting a few hours.As long in South Korea, it is surely mess.

● To follow the nameless someone, I wonder if not a long time.Person of rank or master if no longer want to or coattails.

● I think the people of South Korea, as belonging to the person who is likely to be influenced by the words of others actually nameless.It is in the middle of the Western and Japan, but from the close to the Japanese side.

● Dipukururin Japanese often hear the words of the government, but why approval rating of Prime Minister low?(There was a report the other day, the Cabinet approval rating and was less than two percent)

● I will know why Anonymous Liberal Democratic Party came to power 50 years.

● Even no matter how trivial policy, Japan road at night so decide It is the responsibility of all the thorough, there is a great confidence against the government public.However, the prime minister is not limited to this.

● Lost.  It is a horrible habit.

● nameless Japan, country be inferior to that stupid country.

(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)

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