Use of gold Commercial Code and unfair finance incident ne stage company of “fraudulent means trading”

People of the participants ne stage Inc. (JASDAQ-delisting) may perform unfair finance related to the capital increase, (Asahi Shimbun news here) you are seems to have been arrested by the gold Commercial Code violation.There is a feature where the real estate Kantei-shi’s also been the subject of criminal investigation.I think the collaboration with the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and two Division Osaka prefectural police investigation and Union Holdings since the events of November 2009.

I think the case that these are, and was being booked in the company law violations in the past, but it is thought the case to be prosecuted by fraudulent means trading of gold Commercial Code and is increasing in recent years.It is not the use of deception to the other of the relationship is directly, but it is a technique to capture the “fraudulent means” as a victim shareholders and investors.This is also whether not a manifestation of the positive line of SESC recent.

Why it took considerable time to arrest from search?And, even though there is a range of real estate evaluation, which was build a case and are certified as “fraudulent means” this and “decisive factor” is something?(TV appearances, but do not really like …) I will comment Kansai TV coverage of the program (July 14) evening at the “anchor” around here today.I have reflected whether maybe 10 seconds or so (^ ^;.