Road Shandong = expansion or air, in the scorching heat under the concrete pavement explosion …

Shandong Linyi shiping 邑県 flat 邑鎮 in at around 6 pm on the 8th, road concrete pavement was “explosion”.In private houses in the vicinity, I was a water trough (water trough) and fall from the base vibration.I showed the view, such as sewer and gas pipe there is a possibility of the explosion has not been laying the road, experts and exploded air under the road is heated.Public network reported.

Cracks in the concrete run of about 20 cm thickness that paved the road, mass about 20 meters long and about 30 cm width is dropped it after blow up along with the roar (roar).For the power of “explosion” was large, residents were contacted Seismological Bureau to think that there is a possibility of crustal deformation.

Experts earthquake station rushed to the scene, focusing on the fact that there is a gap between many of the roots of trees that crossed under the road.Temperature of the road surface is increased extremely during the day, expansion of air under the pavement warmed.I showed a view of concrete strength is no longer withstand the pressure and the “explosion”.

And wounded by the explosion has not been reported.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

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