So you so tiny when compared to other ‘s our galaxy … (with video)

I wonder tiny Nantes’ s me!

Milky Way galaxy that we live in is about 100 000 light-years the breadth.On a cosmic scale is also a huge galaxy From an earthling is huge In fact, it is as the presence puny.Andromeda galaxy in your neighborhood, about 200,000 light-years its size is approximately twice of our galaxy in the cosmic scale.M87 galaxy, diameter is 120,000 light-years, but about huge far than the Milky Way galaxy in the volume for the form close to the sphere.But larger galaxy, is IC1011! 6 million light-years in diameter whopping.It is about 60 times the galaxy we live in.Something to the enormity of the remainder, I better even if everything when you talk in cosmic scale.I seem to sleep well somehow today.
[Thanks Oscar!]

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