Business contractors and 6 billion yen / Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Sankeishinbun-sha tax tracking primary community of interest / year / “safety myth” imprinting

Each year, nuclear power public relations and education budget that is out of the tax in order to promote nuclear power will climb to 60 billion yen.It has made a wide variety of initiatives briefing and symposiums, and advertising of newspapers and magazines.In addition to nuclear power and Japan Culture Promotion Foundation, are you contracted to business, and so forth Sankei Shimbun Dentsu, Hakuhodo and a leading advertising agency.It is primary imprinting using tax of “safety myth”.(Shimizu passed)

Where is made, “How’s electricity being used visit of the special event entry fee free spread elementary school students visit primary article of collaboration with Energy Agency?”-.Use the two-page spread all, it was published of heading such a “special business” dated 30 October 2010 “Sankei Shimbun” The (East version).Events elementary school students in the metropolitan area and the primary location to visit and exchange the living area of ​​each other, that he learned about environmental issues and nuclear power generation has been featured in the article.

Sankei Shimbun and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Fukushima TV, It was hosted this event entitled “Energy school children energy exciting expedition” is Nigatasogoterebi.The reality is the project commissioned by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of “electricity production and consumption areas land exchange program”.

According to the guidelines for applicants, in the 4-6 grade, by collecting 30 children around Osaka and 60 children in the metropolitan area is a “power-consuming area”, “power-producing area exploration” Attend (1 night 2 I will do each day with) “power-consuming area exploration” (up).Entry fee of four days is free.

In ’10, the tour and TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as a “power production center”.I am teaching “are making nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture about one-quarter of the electricity used in the Tokyo metropolitan area,” “ground firm to build a strong building to earthquake is required” or.

The Charter members power production center-consuming regions exchange program, Sankei Shimbun has been commissioned for the third year in a row of 08-10 year in business acquisition company.Commission fees of fiscal 2010 is 74 million yen.The financial resources is the power development promotion tax, which is plus in electricity prices.

Electricity production and consumption areas land exchange program is a business based on the Framework for Nuclear Energy Policy adopted by the Cabinet in ’05.

Were also contains (at the time) Chino Sakai-ko chief editorial writer of the Sankei Shimbun members has developed a nuclear power this Charter “new development conference”.

Will it had acquired the business in “self-made kno”.Is not without possibility of learned business ahead of the other operators in the “(Chino chief editorial writer is) to participate in the development meeting, but the person in charge of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy to ensure the competitiveness in general competitive bidding It is said that “is.

“I felt proud to be with you to confirm once again that you live in a town brewing technology and traditional nuclear power plant to co-exist” ads Energy Agency to the in-flight magazine.The January issue 10 years of “kingdom of wing” flight magazine of All Nippon Airways, words of master brewer (Toji) and president of the brewing company in Niigata Prefecture, Kashiwazaki City has been featured.

This article, entitled “In the city of nuclear power plant, a big smile, wearing see-” and is the advertising of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.Advertising emphasizes “the nuclear power plant, we have taken the safety measures that are intended to be an emergency such as an earthquake” and.

It was created this ad is Dentsu.In fiscal 2009, in addition to the in-flight magazine, has been entrusted with 43 million yen ads to magazines such as parenting magazines and weekly Dentsu.

There is a foundation called Japan Industrial Location Center, which recommended a location, such as a power plant or factory magazine distributed free of Junior High School Students.Chairman is Mr. Tadashi Okamura, former chairman of Toshiba.

The center is receiving a commission from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy is energy issue information magazine for junior high school students, such as “Dreamer”.In full-color magazine, page 12, we have issued four times a year for about 48,000 copies in A4 size.I have been distributed free to junior high school students of the primary location area.

Contents would be to introduce the primary radiation and classrooms tours by junior high school students.”Nuclear power I heard does not generate CO2 during power generation in energy and illustrations are recruited from readers.It introduces the voice now, such as “I want to increase the power generation methods such global warming because in question.

I’ve been comparing the amount of power generated by renewable energy and nuclear power plant in the corner of the “Energy Tips”.I described for group 1 nuclear power plant, wind power group 3482, 19 343 groups sunlight also the need.In terms of the number of facilities bother the amount of power generation, to emphasize the “advantage of” primary.It becomes the thing away from the natural energy the line of sight of children.

It is also incorporated about 2.9 billion yen of nuclear-related public relations only jurisdiction of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy also 11 budget that was passed in March 29.Person in charge of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has been “budget is attached. Considering it whether or not to business” and.

Public relations budget that is out of the tax in order to promote the commission organizations nuclear power’s main business, which has been promoting the nuclear power plant in taxes, are used in a wide variety of initiatives briefing and symposiums, and advertising of newspapers and magazines has.Government instead of performing direct most of them, such as foundations and general companies have orders, such as in the form of outsourcing.

Some of the companies that have been commissioned, media and major advertising agencies such as Dentsu and Hakuhodo, and Sankei Shimbun also includes.I have to list the subcontractor’s main business is that nuclear power public relations budget has been used.

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