Intuition worked his way up the field director of objection to an MBA president, employees rave reviews

Ust program, which advocates a “gear to the world” “The salaryman”.It asked the DJ Saekingu Mr. Serving as its configuration, sightings, Experiences on formal beauty “of” salaryman “art survive the salaryman” that likely agree nor disagree “The salaryman road” from office workers across the country one after another.This time Mr. O working for a company of real estate from (35 years).

The long way of trade of a bitch ever represented by a “land myth” in the real estate industry is no longer at all Spoken.And in which even a real estate man, operational tech and the knowledge architecture, finance, taxation, the environment, and tax came to be asked, “have been sold in the guts” to humans while delays in the company of real estate of small and medium-sized local , “is sold in head” tragedy has occurred suddenly.

company Mr. O’s work is mid-sized real estate company operating supremacist founder of the predecessor has made a fortune in the apartment boom of the 1980s.Mr. O talks.

Second son of predecessor I took over the trail to “4 years ago.Since I heard that to have an MBA in the United States, I had a hope that was vaguely that it might be do change something.However, I was betrayed.He I just have to experiment with that instead of want to change the company, you have learned in MBA ”

Employees who are on materials he can not be helped, but a pity, O he continued there in case such is I happened.It’s one frame in training began for the purpose that it will enhance the efficiency of seeking the logic in thinking of “logical thinking”.

Instructor of this “training, actually president took the MBA are you doing.X’s manager that left many legends in emotional thinking I was raised to make an example in the training of this day, catch-up of Mr. X from here I’m amazing ”

To the president is a lecturer, X director’s that threw the three examples how.

X director said:.

Rational explanation as long as the stick in the logic so much “, what is it you were president this case?”

It is as follows: the three cases there was issued.

[Case 1]
“Claim” × “? “= Increased sales
The answer, it can be seen yet if “no blame you,” but that there is a technique to increase sales even more! ! Difficulty rising further listened employees swallow Katazu, when it comes also in Example 2 This.

[Case 2]
“Dotakyan” + “? “= SEX
No way, that it was an important element for Dotakyan to the SEX is! ! As soon as Dotakyan entered if there is effectiveness in this If we suppress the beating of my heart throbbing it would be no longer possible.

[Case 3]
“Breakfast” × “? “= Bounce
Breakfast has been deeply involved in the bounce is No way! !

Here, “?It’s where you want to tell to everyone for answers, “but” This is because it is important to our company for me, somehow X director “?Although not tell unfortunately because it was told to say that the contents of “and I, please forgive me.But, that he was convincing enough to “eat” was closed the lecture of the President fully lectures X Director.

Among such, the president is only Shinadare was Ika has a spot and do the eye towards the president, X said this continued as if the paint salt in the wound.

Even people of the logic is lacking, I have to act and validity evidence sufficient reason come with the person in the “words.Those that result is to explain all ”

Then, the logical explanation to the answer of the previous examples, the venue was became a storm of rave.Story surreal day-to-day – for example, “breakfast” × “? Even those you do not know well, such as “= bounce, as long as it was backed by experience, he may have a persuasive power over to study MBA.· X intuition Director Mr. worked his way up the field it was me see you prove.So, you also without losing MBA Yarrow, I would like you to take care of experience and intuition to date.

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