South Korean high-speed rail is generated smoke during travel, passengers also tries to divide the window glass

11:34 South Korea on the 15th local time, trouble generated smoke from the vehicle suddenly just before the (KTX Yamakawa) arrives at the station Milyang Korea high-speed rail toward the Masan from Seoul has occurred.Temporary passenger of 180 people were emergency evacuation.By then, it was resumed operation Korea Railroad Corporation is allowed to ride a passenger in the vehicle, the voice of protest is heard from the passenger.

Suddenly, the train was fuming at a point 2 km from Miryang Station.The train arrived at the station Milyang, thick smoke to 4 Cars 1 that had been filled according to witnesses.Also a lot of smoke generated from the connecting portion of the first car is filled up in the car of the subsequent fire alarm also went off, but not explained by the occupant and the vehicle broadcasting, was also passengers trying to escape by dividing the window glass that.

After allowed to get off the passengers Milyang station was evacuated smoke in the vehicle, and toward the destination was re riding passengers as Korea Railroad arrived at the destination over 1 hour.passengers to return the fare and compensation at the arrival was delayed, Korea Railroad Corporation to determine the refund 8100 won the lowest fare to Changwon Central Station (about 600 yen) from Miryang Station eventually, one voice of protest is rising from the passenger section of.

Train failed, introduced in March 2010, the cause of the failure is seen to be because there was a leakage in the distribution board of the connecting portion passage.Railways Corporation explained, “because it does not auto-stop design, accident occurs in a tunnel or on a bridge, continued to travel to the Milyang station” and the accident.

Manufacturer that manufactured the train, has announced a “train the failed conduct comprehensive inspection in Busan train inspection repair shop already, have found the cause” and.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

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