[Korean] BBS Pink W Cup victory, why coverage is No less in Korea?

Women’s site of South Korea in the “82cook”, the author wonders “Japan won the Women’s World Cup, but in the TV news in Korea, and has not been reported much why” and.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: country now in the country next to far, Japan is in such a state of festivals in the victory of Nadeshiko Japan.National heart had sunk in the nuclear accident or problems earthquake has excited by joy.A soccer player I heard were from the local affected by the disaster.However, the Korean media is not reported at all, the news like this.It seems to have done even though censorship.


● It has been reported in the news of the 8:00 news.Japan during was fun.  ● Yeah news report, it was reflected in the news.But I changed the channel.I think that it gave hope eagerly in adversity, because there is no interest. ● country of distant lands next to wonder if so (main thread)?While cooking in the kitchen, and had shed much news, but the story of the Japanese women’s football did not come out a word.I thought so to be whether you are in censorship. ● Wow Japan is to win in football but will Makeyo, but there is no interest. ● nameless Japan women’s football is trying to win, but why is it necessary to know it is Korean?It is referred to be allowed to flow in a single line news ticker. ● major incident in the No Name Women’s World Cup history, since he won the championship for the first time.I and from the standpoint of Japan.  ● Because he has won the World Cup for the first time in the country of nameless Asia, it is a surprising news is the fact.People that do not have an interest in sport’s news you do not mind, but the World Cup is not it crazy anyone?That said women, where it since I was a winner.If the South Korean won if, one month I will be the talk of the town in the topic.

● With the exception of the (male) Anonymous World Cup, the most sports, as long as the players of the country is not working, without much interest most people, mass media but it is not a highly publicized.Kim Jonah until appear, there was no great interest in Korea also figure.I think football is unlike baseball, since it is recognized as the best sport anywhere in the world the most popular, and not amusing even if there are a number of reports.Women’s World Cup seems to have become a popular sport recently in foreign countries.(Popularity of women’s football is high It is quite likely in the U.S.)

● It can be seen that interesting to look at the history of the sport Fu.Even though there is a range of events impregnable was dominated Western European people, in many cases, Japan has broken the wall for the first time in Asia.Hideo Nomo you entered for the first time as Asians in Major League Baseball, caused a whirlwind, Park Chan-ho after them.And so also the women’s figure skating.Synchronized swimming is a powerhouse too Japan, long time seems to take to catch up.(Even swimming, Japan we’ll also enjoyed good results in a variety of tournament)

● I think U~ongurunimu I also was impressed while watching the football in Japan, and technology is really high.But, problems such as diplomacy pile in Japan and South Korea.In Korea, there is no reason to fuss Japan has won in such a case. (It was a game of midnight, people who looked like crazy even than were many)

● Women soccer in Korea without interest, the people did not show much interest, even when the results of previous good.And yet, wonder if it is necessary to know the news of the victory of Japan. ● Japan since he won the Japan women’s soccer boom is likely to occur also in South Korea.If someone is to say, Japan won the championship, it was the forerunner of Asia in the field, psychology of Koreans do not want to lose to Japan fires, interest in those sports is it because the concentration.(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)

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