Job hunting scene for some reason students of Keio student of Waseda “unconditional surrender”

Job hunting course welcomes Tsunemi Mr. Yohei writer and human resources consultant job hunting lecture, [3] of summer, I will deliver the third time today.


I caught it’s a little over two private universities of Japan’s leading Speaking of Keio and Waseda.But students of Waseda seems often have a sense of complex students of Keio why.There is something like such unconditional surrender in the job hunting scene.

Characteristics of students of Keio is that you are “large tame”.Upon exiting the wedding of Keio OB, I’m from reception up to 10 students number of terms under the circle that have that person.

Whether that Mita-kai temperament, ties of active students and OB is strong, you’re doing that “You, my sweet” such like to go to play in the seminar and your circles and the library even if it becomes the member of society.So students are going to be able to speak without hesitation and working people.

How to get communication with adults know.students of Keio that I have interviewed I was taking the job offer of six companies from challenge, but it was met with OB 123 people how to spring four years in the summer of three years.

To see the students of Keio has been working on such a smiling, I a student of Waseda it’s complex would have.

And be stunned by the waves of people who are more than 10,000 in just one year of a typical student of Waseda, to Tokyo with enthusiasm about! “Change life if you go to Waseda” in longing from the countryside, and when I entered emergency people who lose their place in.Gyakuni people there found a place, but I’m good.

I also often hear the term “Waseda disparity in” recently after.For example, even if the company visits, recruiter of the OB is to get the students of politics and economics and legal, such as it does not stick to the students of the School of Commerce, is located in the actual.I’ll more than 1000 people in the only entry of students of Waseda when it comes to large companies is one of the reasons, it’s not be put one by one I also though there.

I think I have demodulated recently, vagus of Waseda one time, and I’m from or increase the recommendation system or create new undergraduate.Examination subjects is the three subjects, the guy that was playing high school and study hard year or two, students of Waseda was the individual in the rudeness once, we were able to pass at one point topped type.

It is likely that such a person a wild or not does not come on and that’s AO or recommendation, and that it might than erasing the colors in reverse.Keio pigeons by not impose mathematics in business and economy in the humanities, it is easy to applying to more than one school even for students of the University of Tokyo Kyoto, there is a math also the secondary test, because this has been successful in the acquisition of outstanding students also the voice of.

University of examination subjects, the content I’ve been reflecting the color of the university.

The theme of tomorrow is “question that! Came out at last”.

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