Women nipples had made to the soles of the feet

Women with a nipple on the back of the foot’s topic.Say that there is a nipple on the back of the left foot what this woman, Lily Allen’s (22), and also appeared in TV shows, you are in the spotlight.

It is referred to this nipple, and there are also about 5 centimeters already, and of that there was from birth. According to “Dermatology Journal” in the (magazine of dermatology) in the California, women, one in 50 people, men of enabling (accessory nipple) nipple to the other parts at a rate of one in one hundred people during.However, the term “nipple on the sole of the foot” of this time, (usually, can be mainly on the upper body) and it seems very rare, and if not for a first time in perhaps the world.

However, here, simple question one is left.If she was pregnant, then, breast milk or would get out from the sub-milk ….It’s the place to be worried about very.

Reference: Mail Online (English)

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