“Beat Pink” coach, Chinese media “gag anymore”

Chinese women’s football team coach who won the (W Cup) women’s football World Cup for the “Nadeshiko Japan”, spoke “difference and we do not,” and was criticized.China’s domestic media quoted as “only imagine gag”, strict opinion that “no qualified supervision” was heard from the Internet users.

The other day, Lee 霄鵬 director of the Chinese women’s soccer is the same level and Japan “China interviewed by domestic media.Was saying we would “gain an edge in the Olympic qualifying.China newspaper network was to be “subjected to smile” about this statement.

Pointed out that the basis of Lee director of “problem statement”, and is said to be in a (end of overtime defeat results) that fought neck and neck with Japan in the Asian Games last year.”This evidence is also in a bantering mood.Asian Games was held in China, and Japan was level up large half a year has passed.I did not against China will not be not worth mentioning game On the other hand, “said state of On’noji have to level down.

To Coach Lee says the phrase “to answer” Olympic qualifying in September, do not call a “good player, part of the case also results also do not.I was devoted to criticism this team that he put out any outcome “amid” coach blows just Hora such, the Chinese women’s football is a “go down for the count rapidly.

Writing to criticize the remarks of Lee director, such as bulletin board of 搜狐 (sofu) was observed.Did on recognized the power of Japan, without the qualification of national coach Li 霄鵬 blowing “large Hora certain user.Was attacked Coach Lee ironically mingled added, “I wish I had even become a politician.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)