“Poisoned disposable chopsticks” 370 000 Zen, washing recycling = China Wuhan hydrogen peroxide solution

China Wuhan City, Hubei Province, after recovering the disposable chopsticks used, was “disinfection” in the hydrogen peroxide solution, the black market trader, which has been re-sales were caught.”Poison disposable chopsticks” Zen 370,000 was seized from the scene.Such as China newspaper network reported.

The 15th, received reports from citizens, Wuhan Jiangxia District Industrial and Commercial sector was carried out on-site inspection in the residential suburb of darkness skill was based.180 000 Zen disposable chopsticks has been processed is placed casually on the floor near the entrance, 190 000 Zen chopsticks spent recovered is stacked in a pile, and had stank to another room.

After washing put in a pot in the courtyard chopsticks were collected, dried, and subjected to simple disinfection treatment Okishifuru liquid industrial raw material (hydrogen peroxide), the skilled was sold in bagged.The purchase of used chopsticks at 0.8 yuan / Kg, and that had been re-sold at 2 yuan / Kg.

Experts point out that “there is a relatively strong bleaching effect on the industrial Okishifuru, but may give rise to cancer cells in the digestive system of a person remaining in the chopsticks,” he said.(Editors: Nakaoka Hideo)

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